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Mercury could reach 110-degree mark Sunday

The cool temperatures of the past couple of weeks in Lake Havasu City will melt away in the coming days as highs are expected to reach 110 degrees by the weekend.

Havasu animal shelter gets strange new guest

Dee Ivy went into her driveway to get her newspaper, and her dog followed her. When Ivy turned around, however, it seemed that her dog had found something more interesting than the day’s news. Comments (0)

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It’s not just a ‘California drought’

In a somber opening to wildfire season this month, federal and state officials meeting in Nevada warned that kindling-dry forests and a rainless forecast could lead multiple states in the Great Basin to erupt in flames at once, stretching firefighters and equipment thin across the region.

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Dear Abby: Son who's angry over parents' breakup must know the truth

DEAR ABBY: I am a divorced mother of four. I have been single for three years, since my ex chose an affair over our marriage. I am successful and manage my home and finances. Comments (0)

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What do you think of the state program that provides vending machine contracts to blind business owners?

Mohave County is challenging an Arizona state program that awards contracts to blind business owners to service vending machines in government buildings.

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Senate dispute over NSA data collection threatens to shut other spy programs

WASHINGTON -- Intelligence and law enforcement officials scrambled Thursday to prepare for the possible shutdown of several programs used to track terrorism suspects in the United States, as brinkmanship in the Senate threatened to end the government's bulk collection of domestic telephone data.

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