Arizona Game and Fish Department reminds citizens of Arizona to refrain from feeding wildlife because it is harmful.

The contact draws wildlife in to unfamiliar urban areas and pushes them to deal with unforeseen circumstances.

“I really can’t think of a good reason to draw wildlife into close contact with humans,” said Zen Mocarski, of AZGFD. “Vehicles and wildlife can rarely share the same space without a negative result.”

Although it may seem to be helping wildlife, it actually puts them in harm’s way. And vehicle collisions aren’t the only problem.

“Those feeding can be creating a type of smorgasbord for predatory animals,” Mocarski stated in a prepared statement. “It doesn’t always happen, but it certainly can. Then these large predators, such as a mountain lion, begin living near humans and become habituated.”

The situation can prove to pose a safety threat for humans, and AZGFD officials have had to use lethal removal measures in some instances. The use of lethal force generally upsets the public, he said.

“This is about changing the general mindset of having to ‘help’ wildlife,” Mocarski stated. “They don’t need that kind of help. They will find food and water.”

Disease also can spread more easily when many types of wildlife are lured to one area. Diseases can spread among wildlife species much like they do in a school classroom, he said.

“The bottom line is that feeding wildlife is a selfish act,” Mocarski said. “It isn’t about helping wildlife, it’s about seeing wildlife. I’d suggest those wishing to see wildlife get outdoors and away from their homes … that’s when you’ll learn what makes these animals special.”

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You think feeding the animals is bad? How does this common sense tip NOT apply to human beings? Welfare, food stamps, unlimited unemployment checks...You'd have to be and ARE insane for not connecting those dots. The same, "Don't feed the animals" lunatics probably stop and give cash to the bums holding signs by the road. "Be the change" folks. No more hand-outs.


Don't know how we associate javelina with foodstamps...hahahahaa but any way I think looring these wild animals is a bad thing tho I see them come for water several times ...a bobcat and that's k

Local CFI

That is so well said, Eldensword! I'm not only laughing now, but I'm sure that it will keep many of us entertained as replies come in from the extremist ends of both parties.

What you said so well is a demonstrated scientific principle. There is some stuff stuff written by a guy way back in the 1850's that allowed us to understand that the species and sub-groups within those) that are successful (and go on to reproduce) don't work harder than they absolutely have to to survive! Pretty sure that includes us.

Vicky Norman

The animals need their natural environment and not in danger in or around urban areas.
Thanks for the educating the public.

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