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Big Orange Boat's trailer collapses during move

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Posted: Wednesday, January 13, 2010 12:00 am

A miscalculation is causing difficulty for one lake vendor at Lake Havasu State Park.

At the request of the Bureau of Land Management, the owners of the Big Orange Boat attempted to remove their craft Sunday afternoon from the Lake when the trailer collapsed under the boat’s weight. Big Orange Boat co-owner Steve Chrzanowski said the boat collapsed on the trailer and ripped the rear axle, damaging part of the boat and causing a delay in its removal from the park.

“It transferred all the weight on the two axles and came down on top of it,” Chrzanowski said. “As of right now, we have another loader coming to move it out there that way. We were taking it out because the BLM told us and it was time for its three-year maintenance.”

The BLM, in coordination with the city, removed all shoreline vendors from Rotary Park and London Bridge beaches in July 2009. The two parties are finalizing negotiations to possibly allow two shoreline vendors back to the beaches. BLM Lake Havasu Field Manager Ramone McCoy said an agreement with the city is “very close” and she expects it to be completed around Feb 1.

The organizations previously determined that the BLM has exclusive jurisdiction over the water below 450 feet. The Big Orange Boat, during operation, sits out in the middle of the Lake and therefore is the BLM’s responsibility, BLM officials said.

“We’ve been trying to get them to remove that boat for a long time, I believe since November,” McCoy said, adding that the two parties agreed to an extension for the boat’s removal. “After all the stuff we went through in November, we agreed to give them a deadline of Jan. 5, but they started making efforts, and we knew it would take a little longer.”

The Chrzanowskis and BLM officials are also in legal negotiations about two citations issued last year. McCoy said she believed the hearings for the citations have been delayed.

“I think it’s been postponed indefinitely since they did apply for a permit,” she said. “I suppose it’s still up for the courts and the attorneys to decide, though.”

The citations, request for the boat’s removal and the collapse should not prevent the Big Orange Boat from launching in March, Chrzanowski said.

“We applied for a license with the BLM in mid-November and they said it takes 120 days to process,” Chrzanowski said. “So we’re thinking we’ll still be out there in March. We’ve jumped through all of their hoops, got everything they wanted and they haven’t asked us for anything additional, so we should be out there.”

After the boat is removed from Lake Havasu State Park, Chrzanowski said it would be repaired and given maintenance and put in storage for the next few months.

“It will be there until we get our license in March, and we’ll be out there next season,” he said. “If we don’t get that license, it will be in storage longer, I guess.”

McCoy said BLM officials are working on National Environmental Policy Act requirements for all vendor applications.

“Currently we have about eight who have applied, including shoreline vendors,” McCoy said. “Best case scenario for all of it is that we will be able to issue permits in March. … We’re trying to get along with our neighbors and we’re doing the best we can to get these done as soon as possible.”

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  • Dusan posted at 6:14 am on Thu, Jan 21, 2010.

    Dusan Posts: 90

    This is all fine and dandy and I dont have a problem with them having to get a permit It's the part where some do and some don't have to get one

  • common sense posted at 7:16 pm on Wed, Jan 20, 2010.

    common sense Posts: 80

    Well, I can see I must get very detailed here. Lake Havasu City Business License's, Tax ID's and such are not regulation on Public Lands and Waterways. Thompson Bay is not located within the jurisdiction of Lake Havasu City, therefor there was NOT regulation. That is why this whole issue is coming up now. A few citizens in this community voiced their opinion concerning this and the fact that it was getting out of hand..IE there were too many vendors and why did they get the privilege of mooring in the bay day after day year round with no permit to do so. So the city contacted BLM and asked them to enforce the law there as it was their jurisdiction. They did. My point here is weather you believe or not that there was or is laws used by the BLM here...There needs to be REGULATION in Thompson Bay by the governing jurisdiction as it is Public Lands/Waterways. This is in addition to any other licenses, insurance, and public health certs. Do you honestly think that if you went and set up a business on any other public land you could do it w/o someone regulating it. Try to pull over on the side of the road on a public easement along Highway 95 with your city business license, see what happens. You can not even park a car for sale there, let alone set up a business. Pull into the desert in craggy wash and set up an atv rental business...BLM will shut you down, regardless of you city business license, insurance and tax permit. It is public lands and permits from BLM are required. It is no difference with public/federal waterways. Regulation in the form of a permitting process from the governing jurisdiction is required to protect the rights of the boating public on Lake Havasu. Claim anything you want, I am not concerned about the past...I am concerned about my, visitors, residents and yes other vendors rights when it comes to this public waterway!! I do agree, the city should of never issued business licenses in an area they knew was not in their city, nor should they of accepted sales tax collected that was not in the city. But, since all of these vendors normally have names and addresses of their renters...are they going to send them a refund on the extra percent they were charged in city tax? Since the tax was paid by the customer, it belongs to the customer. But, Daytona, I do agree with you about leaving overnight, as part of the problem is the violation of title 5 where these watercraft are at anchor w/o a 360 degree white light. As for COMMON SENSE, there was also no regulation of led in children's toys, building codes, vehicle safety devices and carbon dioxide warnings. No matter how you go about this guys, Regulation of vendors in Thompson Bay/Lake Havasu is coming!

  • Daytona572 posted at 10:46 am on Wed, Jan 20, 2010.

    Daytona572 Posts: 0

    common sense,why can you not understand there was regulation? The vendors all have LHC Business Licenses,Arizona Tax Permit,Insurance.The LHC Police,Mohave County Sheriff,U.S. Coast Guard,Arizona Game and Fish,US. Game and Fish and I know missing some others all patroled by them on a regular basis and there was never a problem reported.Then the BLM patroled Thompson Bay on a regular basis and there was not a word about a Permit required,you know why? there was not then or now a permit available.The Vendor problem as you call it could be handled by,requiring to Leave in the evening and come back in the morning and be limited to a certain and amount of space allowed.Two Vendors on each beach is NOT too many and would solve all the complaining IMO.

  • C0MMON SENSE posted at 7:21 am on Wed, Jan 20, 2010.

    C0MMON SENSE Posts: 0

    LIKE HE SAIDWATCHING HAVASU DIE wrote on Jan 12, 2010 11:36 PM:" Everyone knows that BLM Lake Havasu Field Manager Ramone McCoy is just providing lip service, She will transfer or retire just like Brad Blomquist did after he spent years assuring the beach vendors everything was ok "No permit needed",Then the whole fiasco will start over again, The beach vendors Assn. has retained a enviromental law lawyer that has determined that the BLM has overstepped their authority and has recommended all the vendors return come spring so when citations are issued the dismissals will cover all party's,,Should be a pretty good power struggle come spring, I have a feeling some "early retirements" are coming soon to a BLM near you ! STAY TUNED "

  • C0MMON SENSE posted at 7:11 am on Wed, Jan 20, 2010.

    C0MMON SENSE Posts: 0

    Here's the deal everyone IS entitled to do the same thing,,If you feel they have an unfair advantage by all means go compete with them it is your right! Actually come spring there is gonna several new ones,,As for the tax refunds they only received the 2% EXTRA they paid into the city, They had already paid the county and state portion, But if you think they did something wrong by all means call the AZ.Dept of Revenue and tattle,,Everyone loves a SNITCH

  • C0MMON SENSE posted at 7:02 am on Wed, Jan 20, 2010.

    C0MMON SENSE Posts: 0

    AS THE OTHER COMMON SENSE say's regulation needed,,,Does he remember when the airline and phone companys were regulated?? people wrote letters cause it cost too much to call home,,Only rich people used airlines it cost so much,,There will always be room for swimmers at the beach because the market can only bear so many vendor's,,Oh yea thats what this is all about REGULATION the onshore vendors didnt like that the shoreline vendor's were giving VALUE to the consumer,,They all have the same overhead "on-shore location" (they need a comerical location to get a city biz licence) Just the onshore guy's & blm trying to REGULATE prices,,Why on earth would the BLM require you to state your prices on your SRP application?? I think this used to be Amerika "free enterprise" FREE MARKET,,CAPITALISM,,Just another case of SPECIAL INTREST running our goverment agencys < BLM << wondering who got bought?? MIKE, RAMONE, JIM, DEAN, DON,? SOMETHING REALLY STINKS

  • Riverman posted at 4:33 am on Wed, Jan 20, 2010.

    Riverman Posts: 25

    Sure is great living up River. None of this to worry about. Keep up the good work you all.

  • common sense posted at 6:50 pm on Tue, Jan 19, 2010.

    common sense Posts: 80

    Again let me make the comment "COMMON SENSE" (all caps) and myself are different people! And back at you, you don't even have an original post name (let alone you real name), you seem to mock me rather than present a good argument!! As for you and your children visiting the beach at Rotary...what happens when it is all vendors there and no room for your children to play? Now to respond to Daytona572: I have spent very little time on this subject, it was very easy to get the facts and very quick research to get up to speed. Second, "transient business" means that they do not have a permanent fixed place in Thompson Bay, and in previous stories stated that they change location in the Bay every thirty or so days. As for no guarantees in business...THAT WAS A QUOTE FROM YOUR POST SIR..."get down there like the Vendors who tough it out with no guarantees", DO NOT GET ANGRY WITH ME, YOU SAID IT!! I GOT IT FROM YOUR POST!!! Now let me ask you a question...Why is OK for you to post here and express your opinion and spend time on this subject, but the fact that I do my life is bleak and boring and I should not worry about the Vendors? Same to you sir, if you can chime in so can I! It is my right as a citizen of this country and community to help shape my community. And furthermore, where in my posts have I ever said I want the vendors gone, out of business, and to lose their lively hood and homes. NO WHERE!! What I have consistently pointed out is that without regulation it becomes a free for all and the residents and visitors in this community lose out, there will be no beach left. Vendors and others will just park and moor their vessels along this area 24/7 taking up the water and beach access!! As to your permits, business licenses, taxes and insurance...I would expect nothing less from someone who opens a business, fixed location or not. That does not entitle them to continue to operate their business in Thompson Bay. To your statement of why has this been allowed to happen in the past and now is being addressed...plain and simple...REGULATION IS NEEDED TO PROTECT THE RIGHTS OF THE VISITORS AND RESIDENTS OF THIS COMMUNITY!! The number of vendors is increasing and is going to get out of control if this is allowed to continue with out regulation. Now for title 13 and 5, people are allowed on the beaches and in the channel, as long as they do not cause interference of the free movement of watercraft through those areas. The key thing is they are not setting up businesses, they are day use visitors and do not leave their vessels and property overnight. Day use for recreation is not a violation! Now if a vessel is Moored right smack in the middle of the channel, that is a violation as it interferes with navigation. Oh, and I understand from another post that the city has refunded sales taxes paid by these businesses, as they are technically located in the county not the city...did they then go pay those refunds to the county...or was this just a refund on the city taxes paid??? You can accuse me of not knowing the facts, you are entitled to your opinion. At the same time you have accused me of spending way to much time on this, yet you are spending the same time I am...HMMMM. Again goes back to my point with this whole issue, and maybe why you can not see my point, some feel they are entitled to things others are not. That is the issue with Thompson Bay and Rotary Park!!

  • Daytona572 posted at 3:20 pm on Tue, Jan 19, 2010.

    Daytona572 Posts: 0

    common sense,I must wonder first of all someone with a busy life as you say you have,do you not have much more on your plate then the Vendors? Now you need to get your facts straight,these people are NOT transient businesses,they all have LHC Business License with their location listed on the Permit, the City knew/knows where this was happening,they all have Arizona Tax permits,Insurance etc.I could not believe your statement that there are no guarantees when going into business,really? Well some had been there for over ten years and knew that well,they were and are willing to sit down there and take their chances on making a living all the time paying ALL and EVERY fee required, and that is a fact. I do agree some supervision and regulations were in order but I can promise visitors and tourists will be hurt by this and the City scrambling for $`s lose out on fees and taxes.I guess it continues the City can not decide if they want to be a Recreation/Destination community or a retirement,aging,accident waiting to happen,body shop`s dream community.The fact there is no job opportunities for any young couple no way to make a living,and then the City on the pressure of a couple land based water craft vendors put these people out of business. Just one more thing as I pray they begin to enforce your Stats 13 and or 5 because as it reads there will be No boat or No people on any of the beaches or channel.I will wait for that mess open up. P.S. the next time you talk to the BLM, ask why for 10 plus years were the O.K. with the Vendors also until this summer? I have no problem with you posting here as I do not need to make personal attacks on you as you arrive with NO KNOWLEDGE of the FACTS and come off as someone who possibly may.

  • C0MMON SENSE posted at 8:51 am on Tue, Jan 19, 2010.

    C0MMON SENSE Posts: 0

    Yes most the vendors were there before I moved here And I do have no right to stick my nose in it,,There has always been room for me and my kids at the beach whenever we went and it is just me being petty about the Vendors, And you are right if I wern't so cowardly and had strong convictions I would use my real name, I just like to see my endless Blather in print Makes me feel like more than the burger king worker I am, Im sorry vendors and BIG ORANGE, I should be worried about helping the vendors make their house payment's like the community minded person I claim to be!

  • C0MMON SENSE posted at 5:48 am on Tue, Jan 19, 2010.

    C0MMON SENSE Posts: 0

    You home / garage workers are next,,wait til you use your home cause of stupid stuff like this,

  • TM posted at 1:43 am on Tue, Jan 19, 2010.

    TM Posts: 0

    Most of you have not ever pulled up to the yellow boat floating in the lake and had a great hamburger. It feels like you are on vacation. What is the big deal about a boat like this floating out in the bay!!! I just do not get it. Keep the Big Yellow Boat and get rid of the jet ski rentals. They rent to people who have never been on the water and will hurt themselves or others.

  • common sense posted at 6:32 pm on Mon, Jan 18, 2010.

    common sense Posts: 80

    First let me respond to comments posed: First nothing in my life is boring or bleak, and I am not attacking anyone...on this site or in this town...I believe the attacks here are by those who don't like my opinions, IE this comment alone. Second I contacted the BLM and researched this topic because of the newspaper articles and this blog...I did not want to just believe opinions w/o facts to back them up. And contrary to opinions of a few on here...that is caring about your community...taking the time to get educated about community issues. Third, why did I do this, because contrary to what has been said, my family uses Rotary Park, the Channel and London Bridge Beach...ALL YEAR LONG summer and winter. I have children who play at the parks and a dog that I take to the dog parks. I own a home in this city and use the services that are offered...IE the public parks and waterways. And to set the record straight I do not hide in the air conditioning in the summer...I moved here for the summer. With that said..I have a young family and a good job and live in this town. So...If I own a home, work here, play here and get involved in local issues...WHO'S TOWN IS THIS?? This town belongs to the community!!! And the community has a responsibility to respect the RIGHTS of others and the laws established. And no where did I say I am trying to put anyone out of business, nor do I believe that my 10 years in this community entitle me to dictate anything to anyone...but it does give me the right to voice my opinion and help to shape the community I live in and raise my children in. This is the same right all of us have in this community. This is what I am doing here...I have not made personal character attacks on any person who has posted here..I have only expressed my opinion and research I have made concerning this issue. (Yes I actually spoke with one of BLM Rangers, one whom is assigned to Lake Enforcement. He directed me to the CFR's..Code of Federal Regulations). And to continue...when you go into business for yourself there are no guarantees..owning a business is a risky thing..especially a transient business like these vendors are attempting. As I have stated...regulation is necessary, these businesses rights end when they infringe on the rights of others. The US is founded on the "right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness", but your right to those things ends when it infringes on the rights of society...that is why we have protect the rights of society. As for Title 13 and Title 5, type into any search engine Arizona Revised Statutes title 13 or 5 and you will see: title 5 Amusements and Sports (covers watercraft and waterways) and title 13 Criminal Code. As for the government being broke...they may be...but law enforcement will always be there and regulation will be enforced. As for ARS 5-347, probably would be applicable to swimmers in the channel or a boat anchoring in the channel (not mooring to the beach) and people who block launch ramps. But certainly would be interesting to hear what a judge would say if a vendor was cited for this. Besides there are better statutes in the criminal code and title 5 that could be used with the vendors, as well as the CFR's by BLM. When one resorts to personal attacks in a debate, it means that they have run out of facts and are losing!

  • C0MMON SENSE posted at 5:38 pm on Mon, Jan 18, 2010.

    C0MMON SENSE Posts: 0

    I still find it funny that they think they can only require "SOME" people to get a permit,Typical Havasu "GOOD OL BOY" At church yesterday I was told someone finally got hold of John McCain and he is gonna come see whats up, Turns out a few of the Vendors are Veterans.And you dont mess with the Vets during war time,I dont think he is scaird of the BLM, The BLM has a few draft dodgers I have a feeling that's not gonna go over well, Get your teeth bleached BLM Lake Havasu Field Manager Ramone McCoy, Your gonna be on T.V.

  • Daytona572 posted at 10:31 am on Mon, Jan 18, 2010.

    Daytona572 Posts: 0

    buck wagnerYou don`t have a clue,go back and read word for word the Law you were so proud to have dug up.Then and only then come back and try again unless you understand the wording clearly.I sure do and thank-you for finding it.Every person who uses the beaches or the Channel are in Violation.I find it hilarious.

  • Dusan posted at 7:40 am on Mon, Jan 18, 2010.

    Dusan Posts: 90

    Oh for real ? Damage to the ramp ? what did it do ? scrape some algie off it ? If it did send them a bill "Big Deal" They are respectable people I am sure they will happy to pay it, At Jim Salscheider and HIS Marine Assn's fund raiser I saw them (Orange Boats owners) pony up $200 for a buoy for the safety of the public,,Also that is what caught the movie directors eye when he was scouting spots to shoot,(the movie supposedly brought in 15 mil to the city) So in short the CITY OWES these folks BIG ! They are members of the "Marine Assn" Why havent they stepped up to help them? Well Jim ? Whats the deal?

  • Buck Wagner posted at 4:00 am on Mon, Jan 18, 2010.

    Buck Wagner Posts: 0

    Actually Daytona, the beaches in the Channel and surrounding areas, were established as recreational day use facilities. By (for loss of a better word) “Squatting”, and using said locations for commercial purposes, it could be argued the vendors are in fact violating the rights of the recreating public to use these locations as they were intended. Swimming in the channel is a violation of the previously posted title 5 statute, and “No swimming” is clearly posted at both ends of the channel. This does however present a quandary for Law Enforcement, as to the letter of the law, opposed to the spirit of the law.

  • Mutant posted at 1:09 am on Mon, Jan 18, 2010.

    Mutant Posts: 0

    The beach at Rotary should be for the people (locals and visitors) of havasu to enjoy; otherwise the city would have already placed a launch ramp to accommodate all the rental watercraft traffic. I agree to the other suggestions that the island itself should be developed for vendors, plenty of parking for once they place adequate toilet facilities, and address security concerns on the underused land on the north side of the island it would be a better place. But I see the city already wanted to overprice/ develop the island center, what makes you think they won’t do the same on the water’s edge?Dear “Mutent” I understand and acknowledge that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But you spent too little time extolling the virtue of truth and honesty in my supposed remarks. Quite clever making up the fake timeline, too bad you had to get another pseudonym in order to word play. Still I wonder why I never have seen the USCG on these waters for a while, I do see the USCG Auxiliary and wonder if perhaps you misspoke or missed the boat so to speak. I for one stopped going to “enjoy” the beach at Rotary after tripping on a mooring line or was it one of the metal stakes? And please keep “to the script”, for collegiate humor and banter is what the editor/reviewer should be allowing, not personal vendettas. But I see others that must resort to attacks on character and not on countering personal opinions; fencing with mud is not as effective as a sharp wit dueling with words. And lastly my mother taught me not to engage in a shouting match with an idiot- people watching from the outside may not be able to tell the difference.

  • LosTacos posted at 11:09 am on Sun, Jan 17, 2010.

    LosTacos Posts: 337

    Fordfairlaaaaannne, you are sooo owed a six pack. Once the legislature and J. Brewer get done with this state, we will all be standing in the "bread Line" togethe instead of arguing about LHC. We will be wondering where's our next meal coming from and stealing cardboard boxes from Wal-Mart so we don't feel the rocks on our back as we sleep under a Palo Verde near Standard Wash. By then the Big Orange Boat will be scrapped out steel, because "BOB" needs to buy some Soup to feed his family...Ie, remember Roger Steinbeck and Rte 66 before it was "Old"??? Again think "Salton Sea" hey but things can only get better right?

  • LosTacos posted at 10:58 am on Sun, Jan 17, 2010.

    LosTacos Posts: 337

    Buck Wagner hit the nail on the head again. I concur, as these are laws that can easily be obtained by the public. (That's why it's sooo funny reading comments from people who speculate/ hilarious comments and don't have a clue.) While checking out "the Big Orange Boat" at Windsor, I notice some severe damage to the asphalt from the ramp to where the crushed trailer and boat came to rest near the ramp. With all the financial problems and closures of parks due to the fact the Legislature took all their $$. Who's held accountable for this damage? I would think "the Big Orange Boat"? but yet again I'm sure I'll see rangers down there cleaning up after people who don't care (about leaving trash everywhere...)... again. I clearly see Mutent and Mutant are 2 different people as mutent can't spell or fact check.

  • DEAN BARLOW posted at 8:14 am on Sun, Jan 17, 2010.

    DEAN BARLOW Posts: 0

    Yea the Vendors have a free lawyer, "Justice Project" from tempe AZ I am guessing the Marine assn, the City, Will have to hire their own,,(The city Lawyer is worthless)I am sure the BLM has a few on staff, I am sure the city council meeting will turn fruitless,Stuart Schmelling will tweek the facts to fit his agenda,The DEAN & DON SHOW will be there(1980s fashons) Im sure it will be good entertainment at anyrate,So see you all there,,I think the picketers will be there again

  • Daytona572 posted at 7:08 am on Sun, Jan 17, 2010.

    Daytona572 Posts: 0

    Buck Wagner,thanks for the posting this means every boat parked in the Channel or on both beaches are breaking the law,and all the people with their E-Z-Ups and mini camp sites are breaking the law also a spreventing access to free swimming areas.I think they better be very careful how many more cans of worms they want to open up.This one is a classic and perfect grounds to stand on.

  • Daytona572 posted at 10:17 am on Sat, Jan 16, 2010.

    Daytona572 Posts: 0

    Jan,26th the Council is to hear the BLM`s suggestion and then will decide on what direction to take.I predict this is the beginning of a long never ending circus there are legal issues here and many questions to answer.I feel sad that a couple of land based Vendors can have so much influence with the Council to create something as serious as this with a few calls behind the scenes.BTW I was at the DMV yesterday and the lady told me she was getting cut back and several were losing their jobs,the Game and Parks are closing parks and implementing cut backs this goes on and on but LHC finds it the right time to put seven businesses out of business.This City is on self-destruct. The movie is not getting released in March and has been put off until at least August and maybe later,guess what? THE ECONOMY again.This whole thing is not going away quietly or quickly.

  • Buck Wagner posted at 2:19 am on Sat, Jan 16, 2010.

    Buck Wagner Posts: 0

    This took me Approx. 2 mins. To find. For you “smart kids” who want to look it up, it can be found at 5-347. Interference with navigation or launching areasA. No person shall unreasonably or unnecessarily interfere with other watercraft, with the free and proper use of the waterways of the state or with areas used for launching watercraft onto such waterways. Anchoring or swimming in heavily traveled channels or launching areas shall constitute such interference.B. No person shall camp or park any vehicle on any boat launching area or otherwise restrict or prevent free access to any area. By the letter of the law, it could be articulated the vendors are in violation to both sections of this statute. By the spirit of the law, the vendors are trying to make a living and not creating a public safety issue therefore, this statute has not been enforced. Another other issue here is jurisdiction. Blm, AZ Game and Fish, Havasu PD, MCSO, they’re all involved. And with the Colorado River being a Federal Waterway, even the US Coast Guard may be opinionated. Making for an interesting court battle, to say the least.The problem for me is that the vendors’ are an eye sore. (Yes I said it). There’s no doubt, you could see the big orange boat from space. And when approaching the South end of the channel, there is definitely a different feel about it, unlike anywhere else on the lake. But if this is acceptable, lets just have the swap meet set up there year round.

  • DEAN BARLOW posted at 6:18 pm on Fri, Jan 15, 2010.

    DEAN BARLOW Posts: 0


  • DEAN BARLOW posted at 2:59 pm on Fri, Jan 15, 2010.

    DEAN BARLOW Posts: 0

    Law's on the book's ? What book's The thing people dont understand is the goverment is broke, The BLM will be 1/2 staffed by spring. Their letting murders out of jail early cause they cant afford to feed them. We could be in a CIVIL WAR by then,(I am glad I didnt screw anyone) People get crazy in hard times. Vendor's is gonna be the least of your problems

  • Mutent posted at 2:10 pm on Fri, Jan 15, 2010.

    Mutent Posts: 0

    Mutant wrote on Jan 15, 2010 5:28 PM:It is true the Vendors did go un-monitered they did seem to do a good job of self police,The fire dept did safety inspect each one every year, The coast guard did do safty check every year also spot checks, There always has been plenty of room at the parks these are the people that come set up camp right in front of them just so they can complain,Kinda like the guy that takes his grandkids to the channel on memorial day just so he can write a letter to the editor about it,,I heard a lot of people say they didnt pay taxes but did anyone call the IRS or did they just make unfounded charges,,as far as insurance goes "I am told" most of the land based rental companys dont have it, They just wrap their equipment up in CORP's & LLC's Why has no one mentioned them? Then there is the rental at windsor ramp he thinks he owns the ramp and the rangers are his own personal police force,,I have a feeling the winds of change are a commin,,,GOOD LUCK VENDORS

  • Daytona572 posted at 1:14 pm on Fri, Jan 15, 2010.

    Daytona572 Posts: 0

    Well,while I`m on it MUTANT you have no clue.You do not know any laws,there have been vendors on London Bridge Beach for over 10 years,paying for permits and paying taxes,etc. they were NOT squatters or any other term you wish to slap on them.I as have stated before when deciding between especially in these times someone who is carrying MORE than their load who do nothing than sling TRASH I`ll always side with people working hard generating revenue and creating jobs.NOW when you get done playing DOMINOS think about this,and BTW this is ARIZONA and don`t come in here trying to tell us how to run this place.

  • C0MMON SENSE posted at 1:09 pm on Fri, Jan 15, 2010.

    C0MMON SENSE Posts: 0

    Title 13 & Title 5 cover Bobtail cats and Mineral Mining, Nice try thou..Yes now we know it is Blaine and sorry to say you wern't 1st you just ASSume you are, Just like the laws you have made up in your mind.. And yes the general public can moor "CASUAL ANCHORING" for 14 days you know that I heard you blather it to the city council(I will send you video if you like) You will see your wrong come spring when even more Vendors show up, Now go play with those bolt-on's and leave the thinking to the Smart kid's

  • Daytona572 posted at 12:55 pm on Fri, Jan 15, 2010.

    Daytona572 Posts: 0

    common sense,I have a question? what in your life is so boring,bleak that all you have to do is the never ending attack on people who are contributing to this town and state,work hard,employ people and most of all PROVIDE A WANTED SERVICE=STUPID.I can not imagine taking the time to contact the BLM who BTW do not have a clue what or if there any law exists.I continue to watch this City decline,no good jobs,no young families who do drive the economy. I picture you as a sad pitiful person who has nothing better to do in their life than to claim this as YOUR TOWN and hurt people who do off set this City Council and their unbelievable actions. common sense I know you are one of those when it gets above 100 you stay tucked in your air conditioned house,you want the beach so bad get down there like the Vendors who tough it out with no guarantees.I for one will continue to fight for the people who do make a difference in this place to OFFSET the depressing attitude that you and your kind so desperately cling on to,time to look for your 99 cent breakfast.And please do not complain of the sewer,water,taxes on and on when you helped put people out of business.I believe it would be very hyprocital to complain each month when writing your check for these radical bills. I`m sorry if disappointed but true COMMON SENSE wins every time

  • common sense posted at 6:21 am on Fri, Jan 15, 2010.

    common sense Posts: 80

    Please note, COMMON SENSE and common sense are two different people....please admin check to see who signed up with the name first and notify the later that their user name needs to be changed...this causes confusion in who posts. As for a response to the law governing the lake: AZ law is in title 13 for blocking a park, and title 5 for waterways laws. And for the BLM regulations and the Bureau of Reclamation regulations (CFR's)...I suggest you do the same research that I did, find out for yourself. I encourage you to exercise your rights as a citizen and get informed on the subject yourself rather than believe everything you read on the internet postings. I have done this. Does not matter how you slice this thing, it is about the rights of society over the privilege of several private businesses. Since some do not seem to get the point let me spell it out....when the government agencies allow businesses to set up camp on the lake without a permitting process (regulation) it opens the door for a flood of others to do the same. Next thing we know the entire shoreline and Thompson bay are full of vendors with a free for all. This is why I stated "do I get to go park my boat for free all season long on Rotary Park beach". Hey if watercraft vendors can moor their PWC's there overnight with no fees, forget the "rent a ring" program, it's free at body beach and Rotary Park. Do you honestly think that if 100 private watercraft started to moor along these places nightly that the agencies in charge of these areas would allow that? No Way!!! So why do you think that the vendors should be able to do it? The government agencies and the city are simply looking ahead and seeing the problem that could arise out of this and trying to come up with regulations and permitting process for this issue. But I find it completely dishonest and abhorrent that anyone feels they are entitled to just squat on a public beach or waterway. And to even take it further...$30,000 investment, the return must be tremendous....if there is that kind of money to be made in this venture...folks there is a wave coming and your freedom of movement in Thompson Bay and Rotary Park is going to be gone. REGULATION IS NEEDED...I support the BLM and what they are doing..protecting my lake rights so that I can have the privilege to use it and access the shoreline.

  • WATCHING HAVASU DIE posted at 5:24 am on Fri, Jan 15, 2010.


    common senseThank you for fessing up to Being a fraud This whole thing has been a fraud and now I hear the BLM has spent 30k of taxpayer money on this is unspeakable, Any idea how many familys could eat on 30k ? Write the President, Write the TV new's, Call 20/20 This isnt WALL STREET they cant waste our money like this, HEADS DO NEED TO ROLL

  • townresident posted at 1:40 am on Fri, Jan 15, 2010.

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    Common Sense...Thank you! Finally a voice of reason, someone that takes the time to write logical comments instead of misinformed rantings.

  • C0MMON SENSE posted at 5:32 pm on Thu, Jan 14, 2010.

    C0MMON SENSE Posts: 0

    Yes you are right I made the whole thing up I own a resturant and dont really like the competition. And I know a good lawyer can claim "squaters rights" "permit by inaction" "grandfather rights" And just because the BLM has lots of lawyers It still has to go before a Judge that is bound to see the big picture / truth and Judges dont like bully's so I do see the vendors coming out on this one.please look up selective enforcement & target enforcement that say's it all. Good Luck BIG Orange

  • Dusan posted at 2:17 pm on Thu, Jan 14, 2010.

    Dusan Posts: 90

    I want to see all their heads on a stick on top of the "LONDON BRIDGE"

  • Dusan posted at 11:57 am on Thu, Jan 14, 2010.

    Dusan Posts: 90

    Common Sense< Has been here 10 whole years,That entitles him to dictate what goes on here,Those vendors were there before him maybe he should have factored that into his decision to move to LHC, Next he will be wanting them to move the airport because he can hear airplanes, Those vendors are no differant than a truck that say's Lowes on it driving down a public road or delivering an appliance from a public street across a public sidewalk, This is why the country is in a mess everyone has an agenda,Obvousily this guy is a competiter or he would not make it his biz to call the BLM (I know he is lieing about that anyway)Who did he talk to at the BLM?

  • Mutant posted at 11:46 am on Thu, Jan 14, 2010.

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    also I must state I place blame on the city of havafew, for they allowed these squatters to establish themselves on city beaches without regard to public safety. Mooring ropes that became tripping hazards, no monitoring of "greywater" disposal by these "vulture vendors" who preyed upon the pristine lake edge and only thought about profitting and not about fitting in. Rotary was not designed to be a commercial venture, at least not yet.

  • Mutant posted at 11:28 am on Thu, Jan 14, 2010.

    Mutant Posts: 0

    " prior advocate"(evidently not of grammer or spell checking).Orange is the color of juice on my planet, not sure what it is on yours. And the itty bitty "trailer" (not the "traylor") comment was directed to the poor choice of structural support. If you look carefully at the current trailer they have underneath, it has 5 lugs which indicates a smaller capacity weight limit than the huge (still) ridiculously colored floating "store" actual tonnage.The damage marks are also evident from the scarred ramp cement to the pumpkin colored "non family" flavored boat which tells me they knew it wasn't working from the initial shrieking of metal scrappin on concrete and asphalt, yet they pulled onward until they literally "killed" their "traylor".And if the owner did not want to be noticed, why did he paint the vessel the color of a traffic cone?

  • DEAN BARLOW posted at 9:57 am on Thu, Jan 14, 2010.

    DEAN BARLOW Posts: 0

    MutantFunny you should mention color I recently heard people laughing about the color of your car, Dont you know you cant judge by color? This is 2010 catch up, As far as using the wrong traylor they hires a "Professional Service" to do it (This is havasu remember) So to judge someone by the color of their boat or a traylor says more about you than it does about them!

  • WATCHING HAVASU DIE posted at 9:12 am on Thu, Jan 14, 2010.


    UNREAL is what the BLM had done to these people, Lake Havasu has just press the self destruct button,,I would like to thank the City Council, Jim Salscheider and HIS Marine Assn, The BLM's Mike Henderson, Blane Hitchins(windsor Beach)Chris Patterson(wet monkey)Paradice Boat rental/sales, Even the ones that started this because they thought they were gonna gain are gonna suffer,,Call Hospice this town is Terminal

  • Mutant posted at 1:48 am on Thu, Jan 14, 2010.

    Mutant Posts: 0

    I think the main issue with the picture itself is the owner of the ridiculous colored vessel used a very small pontoon trailer to move a heavy load. If this is any indication of the thinking ability of the owner I say it should never be launched again.

  • DEAN BARLOW posted at 3:34 pm on Wed, Jan 13, 2010.

    DEAN BARLOW Posts: 0

    I like that common sense fellows BLATHER laws on the books Can he show me the book? The law? I think not and by all means park your boat at rotary park Its your right! I am sure the vendors would be happy to see you there too

  • common sense posted at 2:42 pm on Wed, Jan 13, 2010.

    common sense Posts: 80

    To Tim: Sir I have been in this town for over 10 years and have followed this issue closely. I have spoken directly with BLM officials, and researched the law, AZ and Fedral. If you would of read the comments and the full artical you would of seen that I was commenting on the part about the shore line venders, as my comments stated "shore line" several times and and referenced Rotary Park. As to the Orange boat issue, he does park the boat on shore at body beach every night, so since you brough it we all get to park there for free too?. He vends in Thompson Bay. The issue is that there is regulation in place and being put into place on the lake in reference to all venders. No one is picking on anyone or trying to put anyone out of business, the lake and shore line is not a free for all for whomever to set up shop and do as they please.

  • TM posted at 10:59 am on Wed, Jan 13, 2010.

    TM Posts: 0

    The BLM is out of control. We should do everything we can to encourage the YELLOW BOAT to stay on the lake. We need the tax revenue from everywhere we can. The BLM has no clue on what it takes to make real money. We are smart people we can figure this thing out so everyone is a winner.

  • bob posted at 10:42 am on Wed, Jan 13, 2010.

    bob Posts: 0

    Hi everyone-we are taking the boat for maintainence-we will be back next year-They are creating a law for us right now-they NEVER was one beforeso (just to clear this up again)NONE of us were operating illegally!! BUT they DID removed us illegally. The city did have to pay all the vendors back taxes that they paid-which cost the city about $35,000-so far.This has cost Blm about $30,000 so far.It has cost the orange boat about $30,000. We are going to have quite abit more when this goes to court.It has cost the people of havasu many jobs.Hopefully it has cost the person that started this mess something. Thanks Again Havasu (people-not staff)for all your support The Piranha movie gets released march 19--go see it-we are in it!!!!

  • tim posted at 10:27 am on Wed, Jan 13, 2010.

    tim Posts: 0

    to common sense-are you new in town?we have gone over all these issues for the last 8 months-you really need to learn first-the orange boat does park on the beach and yes they have a very good expensive lawyer and if it wasnt for them and their lawyer-the city and blm would have gotten away with this-among other things..

  • Dusan posted at 8:58 am on Wed, Jan 13, 2010.

    Dusan Posts: 90

    P,S, Arizona law my eye they dont have enough money to buy the paper to write the ticket on. Their out and 1/2 the BLM office will be empty by then too!

  • common sense posted at 7:46 am on Wed, Jan 13, 2010.

    common sense Posts: 80

    Your Lawyer may have found a loop hole...but rest assured the Federal Government has a lot more money than the vendors do. Not to mention...Arizona Law has not begun to step in on this one yet. There are laws on the books to deal with these vendors because Rotary Park is a public Park...not to mention the overnight mooring w/o proper lighting. Also, be prepared vendors for other citizens to park their boats overnight at Rotary, rather than pay to moor at the marina. Hey if you can set up 8+ watercraft on the shoreline for free all season long...I guess the rest of the people in the city should bring their watercraft down and park on the shoreline. No more launching and no more paying the marina. Go for it guys this is a good idea, lets load up that beach. We all will infringe on the rights of society...we get something for nothing. You get to make a buck and we the watercraft owners get free mooring. Oh but wait, what about those that want to swim...enjoy...and access the water via Rotary Park...Hey forget them my rights are more important than theirs...I get to make the buck..I was there first. Sorry folks, wake up from your dream....and for your lawyer...oh he will take your money..and when you lose and still pay your fine...he will keep it. A civilized society has rules...and weather you like it or not...BLM enforces those rules and you can work with them and the city to provide a civilized system there or pay the price. I live and work in this opinion counts, I want to be able to access the water on Rotary taxes go to support that park which it's purpose was to provide visitors and residents, among other things, access to the lake. It is not a free for all for businesses to set up shop taking advantage of the designed purpose of the Park.

  • Dusan posted at 5:30 am on Wed, Jan 13, 2010.

    Dusan Posts: 90

    Just another case of the BIG government BULLYING the little guy. Field Manager Ramone McCoy sure seems to be un / mis informed for being the person in charge of this coupe! Now watch them issue a permit to the LHC marine Assn. For the desert storm event, This is the event where they have boats going 100 + mph in thompson bay and other parts of the lake then the LHC Marine Assn makes up huge numbers saying that's how much money the event brought to town,,Then Jim Salschider can crow how he save the town. Hey people do you see the pattern?#1 we are in two wars the the people don't want us in#2 Immigration reform the the people don't want#3 Healthcare reform (Obamacare) the people don't want#4 The sewer Project The people were scared into voting forJust to name a few,This crap has gone on way too long and their is gonna be a revolt, The vendors ARE ALL coming back in the spring plus a few new ones because the word is out that vending without a permit is legal til they start to issue permits and require everyone to get one. Does anyone remember the Ft. McDowell casino incident some years back? the ATF tried to flex their muscle and it turned into a blood bath. Or Wounded Knee?The BLM has taken several peoples livelihood and they are losing their homes and going hungry because of it. Desperate people don't act with logic. I hear the term "homegrown terrorist" on TV a lot recently, I think that is what the BLM has become. And lets not forget Don Callahan & Dean Barlows part in all this

  • calhav posted at 5:03 am on Wed, Jan 13, 2010.

    calhav Posts: 556

    So much for free enterprise and the use of Public Land by all. Why is the Dixie Belle, Jet Boat tours, Vessel Assist and the Movie Boat still allowed to Stay. And don;t even start messing with the Indians.

  • TM posted at 3:09 am on Wed, Jan 13, 2010.

    TM Posts: 0

    The Big Yellow Boat is great to have out in Thompson Bay. I use the lake all the time and enjoy pulling up for a great hamburger. The BLM reminds me of the California DMV. They try and complicate everything they touch. We need jobs and things that bring people to Havasu.

  • AZmama65 posted at 1:57 am on Wed, Jan 13, 2010.

    AZmama65 Posts: 0

    Why did the B.O.B have to be removed in the first place? I did'nt think it was in a bad spot or anything. This woulden't have happened if the boat were allowed to stay. What's the Real story here?

  • daisy31 posted at 1:44 am on Wed, Jan 13, 2010.

    daisy31 Posts: 0

    Good Luck !!! :) Cant wait to see you out there!!!

  • WATCHING HAVASU DIE posted at 5:36 pm on Tue, Jan 12, 2010.


    Everyone knows that BLM Lake Havasu Field Manager Ramone McCoy is just providing lip service, She will transfer or retire just like Brad Blomquist did after he spent years assuring the beach vendors everything was ok "No permit needed",Then the whole fiasco will start over again, The beach vendors Assn. has retained a enviromental law lawyer that has determined that the BLM has overstepped their authority and has recommended all the vendors return come spring so when citations are issued the dismissals will cover all party's,,Should be a pretty good power struggle come spring, I have a feeling some "early retirements" are coming soon to a BLM near you ! STAY TUNED


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