Lake Havasu City has pledged to join the Vietnam War Commemorative Partner Program, a nationwide effort launched by the Secretary of Defense to recognize the 50th anniversary of the conflict.

By signing on, Lake Havasu City is pledging to host at least two Vietnam-related events per year from 2014 through 2017.

Mayor Mark Nexsen said he is enthusiastic about participating.

“I don’t think we can recognize this war enough,” Nexsen said during Tuesday’s City Council meeting, which brought a unanimous vote in favor of participating in the program. Nexsen noted that Lake Havasu City was one of the first communities in the nation to celebrate Vietnam Veterans Day on March 29.

According to the 2008 Congressional mandate for the Partner Program, activities must highlight the service of the Armed Forces, honor veterans, pay tribute to the contributions of the home front, highlight technological advancements related to the war or recognize the sacrifices of the U.S. allies.

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Also at Tuesday’s meeting, the council voted to require that its members reaffirm their support for the city’s Code of Conduct each year. The code was adopted in 2008, and previously, the City Council members were only required to read and sign it once. Included in the four-page document are provisions like “Councilmembers shall not take advantage of services or opportunities for personal gain” and “Councilmembers shall conduct the business affairs of the City Council in an open and public manner consistent with the letter and spirit of the Arizona Open Meeting Law.”

Nexsen said that he supports the annual reaffirmation of the code because it gives these ethical rules the same importance as financial disclosures, which must be made every year.

“This is a statement to the community that we have a code of conduct and we are willing to abide by it,” Nexsen said.

Council Member David McAtlin said he was against the resolution because “it invites censure” and he feels that the council ultimately must answer to the voters. He and Council Member Crystal Alger voted against the measure. Four council members voted in favor.

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Used to be to get into a leadership position like president, governor, mayor or city council, You had to have been a Vet, (Remember back when the country wasn't a mess) What Happened ? Besides the chief of police is any of the city leadership a veteran ? Used to be Veterans were given preference to fed,state,city Job's What happened ?

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