A handful of individuals and their dogs – the Dog Scouts – gathered at sunrise Friday at London Bridge Beach to dig thorny weeds to honor National Public Lands Day, which was Saturday.

The Dog Scouts organized the dig-out early because they wanted to participate in another clean up at Havasu Wildlife Refuge on Saturday, said Dog Scout member Vicki Warner.

The pesky weeds the group focused on Saturday are goatheads, or bull thorns.

“They are a low growing plant with horrid thorns,” Warner said.

During the two-hour task, the group also bagged trash, left-behind dog poop, and palm fronds.

The Dog Scouts is an informal, loose-knit group of about 30 dogs and their owners. The membership, which fluctuates seasonally in Lake Havasu City, is dedicated to promoting positive motivation training for dogs and responsible dog ownership.

The group regularly organizes water activities, boating, paw painting, agility and hiking; and participates in parades and dog-friendly community charity events.

The club isn’t official, and no fees are due. Many are members of national organization Dog Scouts of America.

To participate in the local gatherings, contact Warner 928-854-2429. Membership requirements include friendliness and basic manners – for both people and dogs. Aggression isn’t tolerated, and referrals are provided in such cases.

Saturday, five dog scout members and three dogs volunteered during the Havasu Wildlife Refuge cleanup effort.

You may contact the reporter at jhanson@havasunews.com

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Way to go Dog Scouts. This is what Havasu needs is community support in keeping our community clean. Every time I go out on lake I take a 33gal trash bag to pick up the trash from those who haven't learn to pick up after themselves.[smile] I know things accidently blow out of boats, but if that boat was to pick up the trash it sees it would make up for what they lost as trash.

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