Lake Havasu City police arrested 34-year-old Michael J. Beck, of Havasu, after investigations determined he allegedly broke his 4-month-old son’s right femur in a rush to get to church on time.

The broken leg led authorities to arrest Beck at his home in the 3400 block of Silver Saddle Drive Sept. 19. Beck was charged with alleged child abuse, a class five felony.

Beck told police he moved to Havasu four months ago and manages Havasu Nursing Center, a home for the elderly. Beck and his wife have three children, all under the age of 3.

During the incident, Beck stated the infant was in a vibrating infant seat that normally calms the child — but the battery was dead.

“The seat wasn’t working,” Beck stated in the arrest report. “In my mind I needed him to stop and it was just a quick motion of frustration and I twisted his knee and I heard a pop.”

The family made it to church in time — with the baby still fussing — and later treated him with Children’s Tylenol after guessing he was in pain from the incident, according to police reports.

Beck told police that, at first, he lied to his wife about how the incident played out. Beck later admitted to her how it happened and told police that “she knew he lost his cool,” according to police reports.

The day after the incident, Beck asked a Havasu Nursing Center therapist to check the child’s limp leg.

“We knew that he wasn’t kicking the other leg so I’m like, OK, something’s wrong,” Beck told police.

Beck provided vague details to the therapist and told authorities that he didn’t need to know. After the therapist agreed something was wrong with the boy’s leg, Beck called the boy’s pediatrician, who advised Beck to immediately take the child to the emergency room.

The Beck family arrived at the emergency room about 4:30 p.m. on a Monday, more than 24 hours after the incident.

The injury was described as a spiral fracture and doctors said the break had to be set either in Las Vegas or Phoenix. An appointment was set one week later in Las Vegas, according to police reports.

Beck told police he was surprised when they arrested him for hurting the boy, according to police reports.

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Is it just me or do any of you think he should not be working around the helpless elderly? I know you need patience and control when working around sick, disable, or elderly people. He hid the truth and hope nothing was wrong instead of seeking medical help right away is despicable. We all lose our tempers once in a while and make mistakes, but not to care or love your child enough to seek medical help right away is another thing. And he sat in church during all of this and didn’t repent!!! All he cared about was covering his butt, so he was not surprised when the police showed up.


no it's not just you, that was my first thought reading this article, my real surprise came at the end when he said he was surprised when they arrested it should be ok that I broke my babies leg because I told you about it, therefore I am off the hook?? The elderly are just as vulnerable and at times trying as infants, when will he lose his temper, be in a hurry, in his mind he will need something to stop so I will just break a bone in frustration? Remove him from his position, throw him in jail for felony child abuse resulting in serious injury, not seeking medical help, and every other thing he can and should be charged with and certainly take away custody, he can't handle that responsibility. Sick.


I most definitely not just you...I too had the same thoughts while reading this article. Anyone that has family at that facility needs to contact them and demand his hiring sooner than later.

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