Hundreds of parishioners and members of the community turned out to dedicate the $1.5 million dollar expansion project, Sunday, at Mount Olive Lutheran Church, in Lake Havasu City.

The formal ribbon cutting included city dignitaries, local chamber of commerce members, church officials, members of the church expansion’s construction team and the reading of a letter from at least one former pastor.

The 7,400 square foot addition includes an expanded sanctuary, and a new nursery, front entrance, music room and coffee café, according to a press release recently issued by the church.

The project used only local contractors.

“It was very important to our congregation that we pump this money back into the local economy because we began this project during the recession,” the press release stated.

The project’s groundbreaking was in February 2011.

According to earlier reports, the church’s locally fabricated, 32-foot, three-cross church steeple was first fitted to the new church in the early morning hours of August 15. On that day, the steeple required a police escort from the welder on West Acoma Boulevard.

A local crew worked for one week to fabricate the steeple, according to earlier reports.

In an earlier news story, Mount Olive Pastor Jim Price said the church itself was named Mount Olive after the row of olive trees on the hill behind the church. Three crosses are nestled within the trees.

“It’s a very Christian symbol,” he said.

The three crosses symbolize three crosses in the Christian religion where Jesus Christ was nailed to the cross with two thieves also crucified on crosses on either side of Him.

The church’s congregation ranges from about 500 members in the summer months to as many as 1,000 in the winter months.

Mt. Olive is at 2170 Havasupai Boulevard.

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