Global Care Assisted Living opened its new elderly care home on Wayfarer Lane at the beginning of June and the small facility is only half occupied so far.

The new care home, located in a residential neighborhood at 157 Wayfarer Lane, is run by Donald and Brenda Morris. The husband and wife team previously were permitted to run their elderly care operation out of their 2842 N. McCulloch Blvd. home, but with the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission approval in April they decided to shift their assisted living operations to the Wayfarer Lane residence.

Currently, four residents are at the elderly care home with four empty beds. In the near future, Donald Morris said they expect to get enough residents to be at capacity. At that time, the home will go from five workers to eight workers, he added.

The home was refurbished inside and outside including new paint, tile flooring, handicapped ramps, rearranged bathrooms and improved shelving, Morris said.

Prior to the conversion to an elderly living facility, the home had been a rental for the last four or five years. Those people living there didn’t always take the best care of the property, Morris said before the planning commission voted on the facility in April.

The home has enough room for eight parking spaces, but there’s typically only two to three vehicles parked at the home, Morris said. There are homes in the same neighborhood with more vehicles parked in front, he added.

When the planning commission was considering the new assisted living facility, residents opposed to the care home voiced concerns about added traffic and some said it was allowing a commercial use in a residential neighborhood. However, the city allows assisted living facilities with a conditional use permit in single family residential neighborhoods.

Close to 50 residential care homes are in the city, city staff reported at the April commission meeting.

Morris said he hasn’t heard from the Wayfarer Lane neighbors who expressed concerns to the city and the planning commission since he’s opened.

“Keep up the good work,” Morris said he’s heard from some neighbors of the new care home.

Maybe in year, assisted living operations might return to the couple’s home on North McCulloch Boulevard depending on how full the Wayfarer Lane home is operating, Morris said.

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