If it all goes as community leaders plan and hope, Lake Havasu City’s new tagline — “Play like you mean it” — will be conspicuous and, most importantly, it will stick in residents’ and visitors’ consciousness.

Nearly two years since the Lake Havasu Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) embarked on the comprehensive process including surveys, public meetings and focus groups, the bureau’s Brand Development Committee made its tagline selection this week. And depending on how it’s viewed, the results might surprise some people.

In a survey of nearly 1,900 residents, visitors and community leaders last month, respondents favored “Where fun flows naturally” by nearly 66 percent compared to “Play like you mean it.”

The vote of the committee’s members Wednesday turned out to be unanimous, but that was after some lengthy and “heartfelt” discussion, said Doug Traub, CEO, president of the CVB.

Some even suggested going back to the drawing board, Traub said. But a lot of work, including more than 350 taglines, already had been considered as part of the comprehensive process with these two being the final options, he added.

When the committee gave “Where fun flows naturally” a closer look, a sizeable faction didn’t feel comfortable with it, Traub said.

The main thing that turned Traub and committee members was that the younger survey respondents seemed favorable to “Play like you mean it.”

“It resonated well with the younger demographic,” Traub said.

Survey respondents in the 25 to 34 year old age group liked “Play like you mean it” and “Where fun flows naturally” equally. And while there wasn’t a significant response in those under 25 who responded to the survey, they did favor “Play like you mean it” more.

“It was like an inverted pyramid,” Traub said of those supporting “Where fun flows naturally” being older and those younger being less supportive of that tagline and favorable to the other suggestion.

“We wanted the slogan that would attract people to Havasu as a better place for young people to (live) and visit,” Traub said.

Traub said he wanted the slogan to be more aspirational because people who travel here through the desert are serious about what they want to do here, whether it’s bird watching, boating or hiking among other things.

Councilman Don Callahan said the committee has worked hard to come up with the tagline.

“We got a lot of good information,” Callahan said. “Hopefully, it’s appreciated by the public.”

Next, Traub said he’s contacted a legal firm to start the process of trademarking the new tagline for the city.

The new logo, on the other hand, still is in need of some tweaking.

Committee members favored the logo described as a stylized person or sun over the horizon or a swimmer in a lake. But they asked for some alternative versions of the logo to be crafted before they finalize the drawing.

Options included moving the “sun” to the left and making a “swish” under the sun more indicative of mountains, adjusting the colors and adding rays to the sun.

The committee is expected to vote on possible alternatives at its next meeting slated for 9:45 a.m. March 20 at CVB, 314 London Bridge Road.

The taglines and/or logo could end up on a variety of city related items including police cars, signs, city stationary, shirts and hats, Traub said.

A discussion on coordinated city signage (which would include the new city logo when it is finalized) and offering residents and visitors easier to understand directions around town — wayfinding — is slated for the April 9 City Council meeting. A work session is planned for 5 p.m. that night.

You may contact the reporter at gmoberly@havasunews.com.

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Charles R M
Charles R M

The younger demographic probably couldn't care less about the slogan and the older crowd will still think of Lake Havasu as Home of the London Bridge. The CVB can "play like" they "mean it" if they want.


You survey a community but the majority's vote isn't used...how democratic.[wink]


"Play like you mean it" I think it is perfect to describe Havasu. Love it........not sure about the logo picture tho


been a traub supporter but his 'destination' company is steering him down the wrong path. We would be better served by using our own chamber's logo. The tagline is horrible, why we would leave out the bridge in some aspect seems senseless. suggestion...all under one bridge.

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