The U.K. tabloid The Sun will issue a correction to the June 16 article that reported London Bridge would be bulldozed to make way for drug tourism.

According to a letter that The Sun Ombudsman Philippa Kennedy sent to Doug Traub, president and CEO of the Convention and Visitors Bureau, a correction will be published on page two of the main newspaper on Monday.

Kennedy said in the letter that correction will not be freely available since it is being sent out to subscribers, or the people who have online access to the article.

The Sun will also send a reporter to Havasu in ---the future to write a follow-up article on the revitalization of the English Village.

The online edition of the article has already been retracted and will not be reinstated.

When Havasu officials initially found out about the article at the end of June, some were worried that the article would negatively impact tourism.

“The Bridge — now part of a tourist complex called Lake Havasu City — is cracking up after years of neglect,” reads the now retracted article, explaining that the impact of the great recession has led Havasu officials to take the English Village in a different direction.

“The city is now so desperate there are plans to create a centre for drug tourism. The idea is that the legal sale of cannabis cigarettes and paraphernalia at the centre called Hemped in Havasu — would bring thousands of new visitors,” the article said.

“It’s one of the most preposterous and inflammatory articles ever written about our city, and we will respond in kind,” Traub said before demanding a retraction and correction.

But as the saying goes, ‘Any publicity is good publicity,’ and Traub announced in an email that the controversy generated more than 600 news stories and $800,000 in comparable media value. There is no doubt Mayor Mark Nexsen’s appearance on CNN, where he set the record straight, brought the city attention.

While London Bridge is in good shape and scheduled for more than $600,000 in repairs, the English Village still has vacant building space, which begs the question: When will the English Village be revitalized?

Nexsen said he spoke several months ago with Virtual Realty Enterprises, the realty firm that owns the north portion of the English Village, and he said VRE indicated they will scale down their plans to develop eight-story condominiums in the English Village.

“They were thinking of a less aggressive plan,” Nexsen said, adding that VRE has not submitted any new development plans.

An attempt to contact VRE was unsuccessful.

Although there is uncertainty surrounding the English Village, Havasuvians won’t have to worry about marijuana cigarettes being sold in these shops.

You may contact the reporter at

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VRE will do as they please with the property and no one in the mayor's office including the mayor will raise a finger to stop them. What will eventually happen is VRE will sell the land to California condo developers for a profit. I'll bet my eye teeth on this. This is only possible because Planning & Zoning allowed the zoning to be changed through political pressure. The city should have bought this ground! They would have had it not been for a well-funded small-group of people that spread phony propaganda through erroneous advertising against doing so. Let Blazo talk to that "SUN" reporter and he'll give them an ear full. My offer is open for tea and crumpets at IHOP. Bring your notebook and tape recorder!

mike floyd
mike floyd

the fear that many of us in opposition had was that the city would try to manage it, with their usual dexterity. we envisioned a city-staffed money pit. let private industry use their own money to develop it, however they want. on the other hand i feel that body beach should remain public; with a launch ramp, small park, and NOTHING ELSE!!


blazo, too bad floyd and his friends won years ago now we have just a pit. on that note I agree with floyd that body beach should not be sold to any private investor.

the channel is sad, such potential

mike floyd
mike floyd

sounds like someone missed out on a city job in the village. fountain manager, maybe. it would still have been a pit, had the city paid 3x its value for it;albeit an expensive one. of course, k-berger was forward-thinking enough to have maybe put a replica tower of london down there. it would have brought in herds of tourists and $10 million in revenue! another plus would be using it as a dual purpose facility; holding city critics until their beheading. a win win situation.


wow floyd you must have had a bad experience with the city, much anger in your posts

mike floyd
mike floyd

when the white house finds itself on the wrong end of of a matter its tactics are to: obfuscate, change the subject, or launch personal attacks. i see that someone has studied their playbook.

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