Western Arizona Council of Governments (WACOG) will receive $300,000 in the next three years to provide free housing counseling services in La Paz and Mohave counties to homeowners facing a mortgage crisis and who are seeking to avoid foreclosure.

Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne announced the WACOG funding last week, according to a press release from WACOG.

WACOG is one of 16 organizations throughout the state to receive $5 million in housing counseling assistance through a national mortgage settlement reached with the nation’s five largest mortgage loan servicers (Ally/GMAC, Bank of America, Citi, JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo), according to the release.

“Homeowners in our service area of La Paz, Mohave and Yuma Counties have been especially hard hit during this mortgage crisis,” said Brian Babiars, WACOG’s executive director in the release. “These funds will allow us to expand our housing counseling services in La Paz and Mohave Counties and assist those families caught up in the complexities of the mortgage loan industry.”

Housing counseling services are part of an array of programs and direct consumer support funded through the National Mortgage Settlement funds administered through the Attorney General’s Office. In addition to housing counseling services, a three-year $4 million program to provide legal services will be administered through the Arizona Foundation for Legal Services and Education which is subcontracting with DNA People’s Legal Services, Community Legal Services and Southern Arizona Legal Aid.

People with questions regarding the mortgage settlements or who wish to file a consumer complaint, can visit the Arizona Attorney General’s Office website at www.azag.gov/foreclosure, contact by email at mortgagefraud@azag.gov, or by phone at 602-542-1797 or 1-855-256-2834 (outside Phoenix area).

An overview describing the Attorney General’s Office mortgage related activities since the mortgage settlements were announced last year is available at www.azag.gov.

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