City residents who like the white sand beach they see out at Lake Havasu State Park could see the same sand on either side of the Bridgewater Channel and on London Bridge Beach as soon as November.

On Sept. 29, they could play a key role in kickstarting the effort to make that happen.

As part of National Public Lands day, the city is looking for hundreds of volunteers to help remove rocks, weeds and brush along either side of the Channel in preparation of getting white sand in there possibly a few weeks after that.

It’s all part of an effort to beautify beaches in Lake Havasu, which received a huge boost more than a month ago when Windsor Beach at the State Park got white sand.

Mayor Mark Nexsen, City Manager Charlie Cassens and City Councilman Dean Barlow were among city officials that took a close look at what the white sand looked like at the State Park and reached an easy conclusion.

“That looks so nice we have to do it,” Nexsen said recalling the response. Nexsen said he and other city officials knew that the Channel area and London Bridge Beach needed some work.

“It’s part of our park system,” Cassens said of the Bridgewater Channel.

So, the city plans to clean things up on Sept. 29, bring $50,000 worth of white sand on either side of the Channel and lastly add some more trees for shade.

The cleanup is scheduled from 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. with a volunteer free lunch featuring hot dogs at the London Bridge Beach Stage.

One hundred or less have committed to participate in the National Public Lands day event, but plenty more could participate with city leaders spreading the word to numerous service groups.

“Having too many people would be a good problem,” Nexsen said. But he said 300 would be a good number to help with the cleanup.

“Volunteers can spend 15 minutes or four hours,” Nexsen said.

After the cleanup, the city will do the work of getting the white sand from the same quarry the State park has in Nevada. From there, city workers will put the sand in place in the Channel near the London Bridge Resort up to Rotary Beach on one side and from London Bridge Beach close to the restrooms on the other side.

Rotary Beach won’t be part of this effort initially, but probably will next year, Cassens said. In this cycle, the city will put the sand in place until it runs out of what it has purchased, he added.

Once the sand is in place, the city will move to add some sissoo, palo verde and mesquite trees on the beach side of the sidewalks.

“This is part of improving the quality of life for our community,” Cassens said.

Anybody in a group of 10 or more interested in helping should let Cassens or Nexsen know by calling City Hall at 453-4141.

Those interested in helping need to meet at lighthouse No. 4 (next to Rotary Beach) on the mainland side to get their specific assignments. They should bring shovels and rakes. Buckets to put the rocks in will be provided.

You may contact the reporter at

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The city cant clean the streets from the storms a month ago because of "LACK OF FUNDS" BUT the city can spend $50,000 Plus labor and probably more on WHITE SAND for the channel, Am I missing something here? The streets are still dangerous from the runoff of rocks and sand. WHY? Cant get a answer from CITY HALL....One project at a time...


Sounds like a good turn out! It will be wonderful to have a cleaner looking and feeling beach area at the channel. Once completed the City really needs to begin enforcing litter laws down there. Would be very helpful to put up "reminder" signs....including cigarette butts are trash, there are thousands upon the sandy beach. How about more "Keep Havasu Beautiful" trash bags at this location also!


The only reason the City is undertaking this project is to save face. AZ Parks upgraded there beaches after they had a presentation by a local association. AZ Parks thought the idea was great they covered the beaches with with sand, just like Pirates Cove up river. The City for years have neglected the beaches and tourists. The City doesn't think beaches and tourists are important enough for their attention, that is until AZ Parks got in to the act. Funny thing about the City, if something needs attention they avoid it until someone else steps into the picture, then they come in late to the game and try and take all the credit for the idea. The City should act like grown-ups and provide credit where credit is due and not claim the idea as there own. As for the money issue, the budget is always over inflated, thats how they have found savings to do a project on short notice.


I don't think the "City" did not give credit where credit is due...the article states after seeing the the State Park beach. Whatever the reason...I love the idea and will be volunteering my help!

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