To allow the keeping of fowl in city limits is the PIÈCE DE RÉSISTANCE for predators. I have read in the Herald, accounts of sightings, not only of coyotes but mountain lions and bobcats.

Establishing regulations for coops being built to keep fowl, will only protect fowl from predators, not pets or children. Coyotes will still be attracted to the area, coop or not. The problems residents have experienced, regarding coyotes or other predators, will only be exacerbated.

Putting aside the dangers of coyotes, there are other concerns by keeping chickens in a residential setting, noise and sanitation. My daughter raised chickens, when she lived in Puerto Rico. She said chickens do make noise, especially, when they lay eggs or get frightened.

Then there’s the chicks. Aren’t they cute, except for the noise.

Regarding sanitation: although there would be responsible chicken farmers, there will be those who won’t be responsible. The chicken coop or yard would smell from waste and rats would be attracted to the chicken feed that would be present.

What happen to those self-proclaimed conservatives that argued for state rights and for the federal government to stay out of state business? How about the state staying out of city business and let the cities decide what’s best for their city.

Unfortunately the state is mandating that cities allow the keeping of fowl, like it or not.

If you want to raise chickens or farm animals, move to a place that allows it. Don’t make laws that make your neighbors suffer,for your personal pleasure.

Ralph Chandless

Lake Havasu City

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“…and that Rock and Roll will be the downfall of our children.” No, the chicken will not protect children from coyotes but they don’t attract any more coyotes than your pets or your kids. If you are letting small children roam alone, at will during dusk, dawn or in between, save the lectures on safety. Grain will attract rodents, that’s why there are feeders and cans you keep it in. Oranges and all fruit trees attract the worst rodents. Should we cut them all down? Chickens are pure hell on rodents and snakes. They continually attack and kill them. Hens will squawk and fuss when they lay an egg but I have a neighbor that has a dog that barks at everything with a pulse. And that dog hasn’t laid an egg yet. And the Quail and Dove around my house raise such a fuss at dusk and dawn; I can’t even hear the darn dog. Should we eliminate them too? Got food scraps? Instead of throwing it into our landfills, feed a chicken, make an egg. Keeping chickens is green, eco-logical and all the other catch phrases. This Conservative does mandate State rights over Fed. That is what this is. The liberal Mecca; Washington D.C. allows chickens. I’d think the Progressive Liberals would seek to emulate their iconic ideas.


Don't pretend residential areas don't have predator attractants already: small dogs and cats, dogs in heat, backyard pool, ponds, fruit trees, garbage cans, native plants that attract pray, wild rabbits and other prey, pet food and water dishes, crumbs dropped by children, and the list goes on and on. On every educational site about coyotes people are warned that these animals eat dogs and cats. People are warned to keep their small children and pets indoors and supervise them when outside. It is up to the owner or parent to be responsible with their dependents. If people are not responsible with their pets and children, that is THEIR fault. It's not the chickens fault. Take responsibility for your own actions and stop trying to place blame on a chicken.

clara chicken

Oh please, I live in the middle of Portland Oregon. This big city has figured out how to set limits and compromise with its chicken laws. Please look at some of the Bigger cities for examples. They make awesome non barking pets and contribute to breakfast.

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