Havasu Freezes Over? Storms bring hail, snow, more than an inch of rain

Scenes like this could get repeated at high elevations throughout Mohave County later this week. In this photo from 2005,  Crossman Peak was covered in a thick layer of snow. It provided contrast to a pair of desert-dwelling barrel cactus growing in a yard off Palo Verde Boulevard.

Lake Havasu City is in for three days of rain later this week. 

And if you’re headed out of town, you should know that the National Weather Service says areas above 4,000 feet in elevation are subject to a winter storm watch starting at 5 a.m. Wednesday. The storm watch will last through 5 a.m. Saturday.
Calling it a “very rare winter event,” the National Weather Service says the same storm that will create soggy conditions in Lake Havasu City is expected to blanket areas to the north and east with snow. The storms will impact major roadways including Interstate 40 east of Kingman, Interstate 15 at Mountain Pass and U.S. Highways 93, 95 and 395 north of I-15.
Forecasters are predicting “heavy snow” in the Hualapai Mountains and other areas of Mohave County above 4,000 feet in elevation. The Hualapais could get between 5 and 22 inches of snow, and wind gusts up to 40 mph.
“This storm could have major impacts on Thanksgiving travel on Interstate 40 east of Kingman and on higher elevation sites such as the Hualapai Mountains,” NWS wrote. “If possible, consider alternate routes or adjust your planned travel time.”
Here’s how the rest of the Havasu area forecast looks: High temperatures on Tuesday will reach 59 degrees, dropping to 41 overnight. Wednesday’s high is expected to reach 64, with a low of 48, and Thanksgiving Day’s temperatures will see a high of 60 degrees and a low of 44. Temperatures will continue to cool down through the weekend, with a low of 39 predicted by Friday night.
The chance for rain in Havasu starts Wednesday and lasts through Friday.


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