· Operator can deploy up to 75 scooters in Havasu under the pilot program.

· The operator is required to pick up all scooters every night by 11 p.m., and shall not deploy them earlier than 6 a.m.

· During the pilot program, E-Scooters would only be allowed to deploy within the Pilot Program Area outlined in the Temporary Operating Agreement – unless the city gives its written consent to deploy elsewhere.

· Must be deployed upright and only on hard surfaces in areas specified in the Temporary Operating Agreement.

· The operator will be required to respond within two hours to reports of scooters that are incorrectly parked or unsafe or inoperable. After two hours the city may impound the scooter, to be returned to the operator at a cost of $300.

· They may not be deployed in front of single-family residential properties without the consent of the property owner. They are also barred from deploying in loading zones, disabled parking zones, curb ramps, entryways, driveways, parks, or in landscaping or greenbelts adjacent to bus stops or bus shelters.

· E-Scooters may not be deployed in areas it would block pedestrian traffic in any way. It must also be kept clear of fire hydrants, call boxes, emergency facilities, bus benches, utility poles or boxes. They must not be placed in areas that would interfere with bike rakes, news racks, bus operations, commercial window displays, or access to or from any building.


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