Jesse Pruett

Lake Havasu City resident Jesse Pruett released his third solo album, Brighten Up Your Day, on Feb. 26.

Jesse Pruett did not intend for his new album, Brighten Up Your World, to end up as the motivational record it turned out to be, but it might be the perfect record for a world coming out of a yearlong pandemic.

Pruett is a Lake Havasu City resident and moved to town from San Diego when he was in high school. Music has always been a part of Pruett’s life — from the time he was in a punk band performing with bands like Blink-182 and NOFX , to his time now as a Worship Arts pastor at Calvary Baptist Church.

For Pruett, music is one of the most powerful forces in the world.

“I feel like music is so inspirational because some of these songs you carry for the rest of your life,” Pruett said. “That says something to me, that’s powerful.”

Brighten Up Your World, released on Feb. 26, is Pruett’s third solo album. He started working on the project a few years back.

“All of these songs were just coming out and I thought I need to go get back into the studio,” Pruett said.

The songs that Pruett was putting to paper were heavily influenced by events that were going on in his life at time.

“This record really for me was an experience of what was happening just all around me within my own family and within my friend group,” Pruett said. “The themes of the songs just keep going in this direction of encouragement. Messages like you are going to make it, you are going to get through this, there is hope, you can start again.”

Brighten Up Your World started as a nine-track record, but when the pandemic struck last year, Pruett found more time on his hands and the record morphed into a 15-track album.

The virus also threw a wrench into the post-production on the album and put a music veteran like Pruett into uncharted waters.

“So I recorded before covid hit,” Pruett said. “I pretty much had everything done before it hit, I just had to finish some backup vocals in my office. Then I had to do the whole mix basically all through email. Usually I would be there in person for the mix to say hey let’s try this or let’s do that. It was an interesting time.”

Despite the unusual circumstances that it was made under, Brighten Up Your World is already catching people’s attention. According to Pruett, the film production company Lionsgate has already picked up a few songs off the album to use in trailers for their movies.

Next, as more places start to reopen, Pruett wants to perform his news songs for a crowd.

“My hope is just to maybe inspire one person,” Pruett said.


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