This is a magnification of the coronavirus.

Mohave County Health Department reported 87 new coronavirus cases on Tuesday -- the most cases reported in a single day since the beginning of the pandemic. There were 25 cases in Lake Havasu City -- also a record number. The county also reported the death of Lake Havasu City resident. The unidentified person was older than 90 years old, and the county didn't say if the death occurred at a medical facility.

Bullhead City continued to post the most new cases, with 56 new positive tests reported on Tuesday. There were four positive cases in Kingman and two in the small communities along Mohave County's northern border. Of the 25 Havasu cases, 21 are under investigation, meaning nursing staff don't yet know how they were exposed. Eleven of those cases are under the age of 50. 

There are now 250 positive confirmed cases in the Lake Havasu City area, including 13 deaths. Kingman has had 315 cases and 43 deaths, Bullhead City has had 547 cases and 25 deaths, and the northern county communities have had 31 cases. 

Mohave County now has 1,142 positive cases and 81 deaths since March. The county considers 424 of those positive cases to be fully recovered. 

Statewide, an additional 44 people have died from covid-19, bringing the total since the beginning of the outbreak to 1,632, health officials said. State health officials reported nearly 4,700 new coronavirus cases Tuesday, an inflated number because of an undercount Monday.

Arizona has seen skyrocketing infections this month after Gov. Doug Ducey allowed his stay-at-home order to expire on May 15. Over the past seven days, nearly one in four coronavirus tests has been positive, a rate far higher than any other state. The positivity rate is a measure of how widespread the disease is in the community.



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The problem with all the fear of Covid-19 is we do not have enough facts to dissect the deaths. I was told of a fatality in California where a highway patrol office who conducted the investigation took his days off, when he returned he checked on the fatality victim and discovered that the listed the victim of Covid-19. One case, but we do not have enough facts on the age and health of these thousands of death. To date we have has 13 Covid-19 deaths in our fare city, during the first part of this year 13 suicides of our neighbors in Havasu but little concern.

Coffee with Cal. Do not know how many people saw the following article to have a chance to ask questions and get answers:

Lake Havasu City presents Coffee with the Mayor and City Manager event to take place virtually on Facebook Live on Thursday, July 2nd at 8:30 am. Just visit the Lake Havasu City Facebook page @LHCAZGOV to join in. So grab a cup of coffee, your phone, tablet, laptop, or computer and bring your questions to the Facebook Live event from the comfort of your home. Mayor Cal Sheehy and City Manager Jess Knudson will join you for an open chat. Mayor Sheehy strongly encourages residents to virtually join and participate as a way to connect and talk about City related topics.

Unable to attend the chat? The meeting will be recorded and displayed on the City Website and to be viewed at a later date.


I have commented on this before. Guess I’ll add another. I think that all of us who live here full time have experienced the weekenders flooding in from Cali. Since COVID hit, Thursday has become the new Friday and Monday the new Sunday. It is so frustrating to try and practice “stay safe and stay home” when the people around you party on. We give up going to the lake, taking a walk by the channel, and enjoying a margarita at our favorite restaurant. Yet, the “visitors” continue to enjoy all of these pleasures! It’s not right, and it’s not fair! Our city should have closed down completely back in March. We only partially shut down. Havasu was too enticing, and too welcoming. In addition to the bars, restaurants, gyms, and retails shops closing, the launch ramps should have closed too. If the city had done this for a minimum of one month, maybe, just maybe that would have helped to lower the numbers of infected people. Now, yet again, we are faced with another holiday weekend. Lots of people who will not be staying home, not wearing masks, and for sure not social distancing. I hope and pray that we personally can dodge the Covid bullet one more time! P.S. and by the way, wearing a mask has nothing to do with my political affiliations!


Island Deb - [thumbup]


IslandDeb -


IslandDeb - [thumbup][thumbup][thumbup]


That's why its called practice social distancing cause no ones good at it. There here and always will be, time for you to move or suck it up and live with it.


They're here

Comment deleted.

You get what you vote for! Elect a hotel manager and that persons policies will favor hotel room sales and the hospitality industry interests. Elect a real estate broker and your neighborhood zoning will be altered in the middle of the night and construction of a five story hotel will soon start and block you view and overrun your once “quiet” neighborhood with traffic. Voters need to investigate candidates, find out what beds they will be feathering! It seems they all have “conflicts of interest”? Choose the candidate with the fewest. [thumbup][beam] Deaton


As if just dealing with COVID-19 on a daily basis is not bad enough, now our state has started health care rationing and it is truly frightening. Our “enlightened” state, home to millions of senior citizens, has decided to implement rules that will deny critical healthcare resources, such as ventilators, based on the likelihood of a patient living five years after surviving the coronavirus. For those of us classified as senior citizens this rule will result in our being denied care and even those of us with medical conditions other than COVID-19 can expect high rates of denied service compared to younger people. Essentially doctors’ following the rules that deprive patients necessary care will be immune from any legal liability for the death of the


this newspaper online is a joke they are just out for the money as well they pick and chose what you can read unless you subscribe ,,,in a time off need to know and time when people are out of work and not feeling good ...shame shame Havasu News


Let's get this right. You are saying that the newspaper should proved their work product at no charge? And that they are "just out for the money." In my world - the one composed of facts and rational thought - the purpose of any business is to make money and they do that by charging for their goods or services. What you are proposing sounds a lot like communism to me.


For once I agree with BigBob. They are running a business, do you work for free? I doubt it. If you want the service pay for it, if not quit your moaning. Loosen up your purse strings a bit.


comments - I just renewed my annual online subscription for $50 a year, a little over $4 a month. I would encourage you to help the paper pay it's employees, they live and work right here in beautiful Lake Havasu City.




Maybe you would be happier with a state run paper.


Oh here we go. If you don't like it online, run to the store an purchase a copy. But don't shame the paper, nothings free.

Comment deleted.
Mr Lemons

Call or email: (928) 453-4152


Havasu thinks more about a party in the channel than safety of its population.

Well get ready Havasu for more and more sick people.


Looks like your post was deleted. Absolutely right on the money with this post.


Are you referring to my post where I ask Lemons, "Yeah, it's just 150,000 or so dead Americans, right, what's wrong with that?"


Could it be you saying Trump is responsible for all the COVID-19 deaths? When you post things that are not true, you may get deleted.



Mr Lemons

Call or email: (928) 453-4152

Comment deleted.
Mr Lemons

From the CDC - Number of deaths for leading causes of death:

Heart disease: 647,457

Cancer: 599,108

Accidents (unintentional injuries): 169,936

Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 160,201

Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 146,383

Alzheimer’s disease: 121,404

Diabetes: 83,564

Influenza and Pneumonia: 55,672

Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and nephrosis: 50,633

Intentional self-harm (suicide): 47,173

Mr Lemons

Beware of Covid-19 Fearmongering

"PHOENIX — At the urging of the State Disaster Medical Advisory Committee, which is made up of representatives from across the Arizona’s health care system, i.e. doctors, Arizona has activated a guidance plan for health care professionals facing difficult decisions about how to ration dwindling resources as the number of COVID-19 patients climbs and hospital beds fill up.

During a press conference Monday, Department of Health Services Director Dr. Cara Christ said Arizona’s Crisis Standard of Care Plan went into effect that afternoon.

She said such plans – which address shortages in space, staffing, supplies and standards of care — have been activated in “a lot of states” and called it a proactive move.

“It gives the hospitals a framework that allows them to determine IF they do get short on resources how they can allocate those,” she said. “The other thing that is done so it also gives their health care workers some liability protection as well."

This is a commonplace occurrence in disasters where there are lots of patients and triage takes place. You treat those that you can save first.


One more time Mayor!!! No mask no service!!! Some day I hope you realize the damage you have allowed to occur in this community. Follow Kingmans lead. Implement mask requirements before the California surge this weekend or there will be more deaths on your hands.

Mr Lemons

Call or email: (928) 453-4152


Beware of Covid-19 Downplaying

"Havasu - At he urging of Covid-19 deniers, which seems to be a large majority of tRUMP supporters here in Lake Havasu City, posters are sharing lists of deaths from other sources than Covid-19. It is an attempt to downplay the growing list of Americans that have died from the virus which authorities now put at between 127,000 to 130,000 American citizens... These American citizens, their families and friends do matter and are not just a number to be ignored or censored by the media. They are fellow Americans!

During a press conference Monday, Department of Health Services Director Dr. Cara Christ said Arizona’s Crisis Standard of Care Plan went into effect that afternoon. Think about that for a second, would you want to be the doctors that have to make that decision about who gets treated and who doesn't? I wouldn't think so.

“It gives the hospitals a framework that allows them to determine IF they do get short on resources how they can allocate those,” she said. “The other thing that is done so it also gives their health care workers some liability protection as well." Stop and ask yourself, why are we stretched so thin on medical supplies, medical professionals and room for patients? Is it because of decisions that have been made to ignore or downplay this pandemic? Was it inaction on the part of government officials who's primary purpose should be to protect the health and safety of the communities they serve?

"This is a commonplace occurrence in disasters where there are lots of patients and triage takes place. You treat those that you can save first." Really, commonplace? Where? In third world countries? Is this what leadership here in America, Arizona and Lake Havasu City has done to America? Made us a third world country?

One dead American is too much, don't let anyone deflect from the fact that our fellow Americans are dying...

Mr Lemons

HG - I think you missed out on what was going on earlier this morning. BobsBigBoy posted inflammatory comments intending to scare seniors about Dr. Cara Christ activating The Crisis Standard of Care Plan. He implied that seniors would not be placed on a ventilator if the ventilator was needed for a younger patient. Of course this situation does not exist, currently. He was fear-mongering. He topped it off with a reference to the President and how he had "kxlled" more people than any other disease. That prompted my CDC list of diseases. It wasn't to downplay those that have died of Covid 19.

BTW, a lot of comments were removed earlier from this article. There was a lot of name calling going on, which I try never to do.


Yeah, I didn't see those. I tried 3 times to post a comment to your list and the editor didn't let them post. My comment was in regards to your list not including the roughly 128,000 fellow Americans that have died in the last 4 months so far. I really don't know why they would not post my comments.

I'm glad to hear that you did not intend to downplay the deaths of our fellow Americans. Unfortunately, there are others here in Lake Havasu City that are...

Thanks for taking the time to clear that up, stay safe and have a great 4th of July weekend.


"large majority of tRUMP supporters here in Lake Havasu City" pretty much sums up your character. Maybe Sedona would suit you better.

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