john fillmore

Rep. John Fillmore, R-Apache Junction.

Arizona schools would be forced to admit children who have not been immunized if an Arizona lawmaker has his way.

State Rep. John Fillmore (R-Apache Junction) has introduced a bill that would define immunizations as "solely the decision of the pupil's parent." The bill says schools may not refuse to admit or otherwise penalize students who have not received all their vaccinations, unless there's an active case of the disease at the school and the public health department had declared an outbreak. 

Fillmore's bill would also eliminate a requirement that students who receive cash assistance from the state are kept up to date on immunizations. 

Fillmore, a Republican from Apache Junction, represents District 16 in the House of Representatives. The bill is House Bill 2050.


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It's funny that "paid Russian operatives" know more about vaccines than you do. Maybe you could learn a few things from the Russians. [whistling]


WOW! The Russian operatives have really spammed this board in an effort to undermine the health of our nation. Beware of fools who want children to be a public health hazard!

Mr Lemons

Maybe some vaccinations should be mandatory. I was in elementary school in the 50s, before there were polio vaccinations. The very real situation is that in my small class of 20 students, 2 died from polio and another was paralyzed. Once the vaccine was discovered and everyone was immunized, no one died or was paralyzed at my school.

From the CDC: Polio was once one of the most feared diseases in the U.S. In the early 1950s, before polio vaccines were available, polio outbreaks caused more than 15,000 cases of paralysis each year. Following introduction of vaccines—specifically, trivalent inactivated poliovirus vaccine (IPV) in 1955 and trivalent oral poliovirus vaccine (OPV) in 1963—the number of polio cases fell rapidly to less than 100 in the 1960s and fewer than 10 in the 1970s.

Maybe some vaccines should be mandatory and others optional?


With vaccine science being so horribly inconclusive, this bill protects parental rights to make informed medical decisions for their children without fear of losing their right to an education.

I hope to see more bills like this one in more states.


Finally some good sound logic. Parental rights. When the state owns your kid - welcome to communist China! And I can never seem to understand the argument that healthy children are somehow spreading a disease they don’t have. And if all the other kids are Vaxxed and that supposedly makes them immune then how is it a problem? What’s the fear? And why should the state decide if you get to be sick or not? Are they gonna decide what we get to eat next? Where does it end? Oh I know! It ends when we have become like North Korea.


This is Amazing! Finally someone who pays attention to our CONSTITUTION. Forced vaccinations are not freedom. America, last time I checked, is still “the land of the free”. Am I right? Shall we keep it that way?


This is so awesome.


Well I think the MAJORITY have spoken. Considering the amount of loves vs dislikes. Well done AZ. I live in CA and personal freedom in my state is not a very important thing compared to ensuring big pharma makes as much money as possible. So it is really refreshing to see that there are other states who still care about keeping America free. Keep up the good work!


Did any of you anti-vaccine people actually read his bill? I doubt it. First, you can already get a vaccine exemption super easy in AZ, so he changes nothing there. Second, what he does do is endanger your unvaccinated child because the schools will not know who is and is not vaccinated when outbreaks happen.

Instead of glorifying this uninformed legislator, you should be criticizing him.


That’s true. Many outbreaks occur among fully vaccinated populations, and we should be able to keep track of that to show how ineffective certain vaccines really are.

There is currently a pertussis outbreak at a school in Houston that has a 100% vaccination policy.

In March, 90 cases of pertussis were reported and every person with it had been fully vaccinated.

I won’t even go into the astounding number of Mumps outbreaks among properly vaccinated populations.


The pertussis outbreak in March was in Los Angeles, btw.


Looks like unthinking uncaring anti-vaxxers have spammed this board. Fillmore will make Arizona the vaccine-preventable disease outbreak leader of the United States if his baby-killing bill passes. Anti-vaxxers can burn in h3ll.

Samantha Gilbert

This is a wonderful and courageous step toward protecting our personal, religious and medical freedoms. Thank you Representative Fillmore. There is no vaccine schedule that is 100% right for 100% of children. Parents have the sole right to make health decisions for their children with full informed consent about the risks of any medical product. Unlike with other pharmaceutical products, vaccine manufacturers cannot be sued. I know too many families who've suffered lifelong trauma and injury due to vaccines and the inability to detox the toxins they contain. Even for those who consider themselves provax, they can oppose mandatory vaccines which leave no room for choice and manifest government overreach. The majority will continue to vaccinate and this bill will not penalize those who do not by removing the right to an education if they choose not to adhere to the CDC schedule or cannot vaccinate.


Praise God there is a smart politician out there. This IS NOT about being pro or anti vaccine. It’s NOT! This is about the right to choose what is medically done to you and your children. If you think vaccines are the only medically forced thing... you’re wrong. How long till forced Circumsicion? Forced birth control for teen girls? forced chemo? If you support forced vaccines, you’re supporting the loss of all medical rights.


Thank you for introducing this bill to uphold our God given constitutional rights. It is not the government's place to decide what is injected into anyone! The government does not own me, my family or my children, they don't decide what is best for my family, we decide as individuals. No forced vaccination in a constitutional republic.


Thank you SO MUCH. Rep Fillmore! If this law had been in effect when my daughter was young, she wouldn't be brain damaged today! I thought I had no choice regarding vaccines...that I had to do all I was told and when I was told, or my daughter could not go to school. It is abusive coercion to have such a requirement. As an older woman now, I would't allow myself to be bullied that way, but by nature of the reproductive clock, most Mom's of babies are on the younger side and do not feel empowered to stand up for themselves or their children. I know I didn't. So we took them all, my daughter was severely injured to the point that she couldn't even continue with school successfully. I had to start homeschooling at age 9 and she still has to have me as a full time caregiver at age 26. The vaccine laws ruined our life! Had I known I had a choice, I would have done fewer and waited until she was older, like when I was a child. When I stopped to compare the vaccination schedule now, to what I got as a child it is shocking to the point of alarm! Thank you for giving Mom's (and Dad's) the right to use their own minds, knowledge of their own children and to be free to follow God's guidance instead of being bullied by the government! THANK YOU!!


As a school principal in Arizona this makes me so happy! As a parent and grandparent this makes me ecstatic! Even though Arizona has always been a freedom state, allowing religious and personal exemptions, the government still tries to use us school employees as their enforcement agency. We are sick of all we have to do to stay in compliance already for things we have no control over!!!! Thank you sir!!


Thank you Representative Fillmore!! You have my vote! My family FLED California in search of medical freedom, so this comes as a huge breath of fresh air for many families like mine. A simple search of how much the National Vaccine Compensation program has paid out (our tax dollars) to those killed or seriously injured by vaccines should make it MY right to choose whether or not I want to inject my children. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Suzanne R

Thank you very much!


Thank you Representative Fillmore! Mandatory vaccination is a crime against humanity and no government should be able to mandate that anything be injected into our bodies. Especially if there is a risk of death or injury (listed in every vaccine insert). Thank you for doing your job and speaking for the people!


THANK YOU!! MY BODY MY RIGHTS!! In my day we only needed 3 vaccines and i survived for the past 50 plus years.. We do NOT NEED all these FORCED vaccinations. Anyone over 30 does NOT have all these vaccinations. so immune compromised people should not go out in public EVER.. THEREFORE the need for kids to all be vaccinated is FALSE.....

WE NEED MORE LEGISLATURES SUCH AS YOURSELF to protect everyone's right to choice.

TJ Barnes

In a time where other states are forcing an “unavoidably unsafe” (US Supreme Court) consumer product on every child, Arizona is a shining beacon of hope for freedom. No innocent American should have a forced medical procedure. The decision to vaccinate should solely be between parent-patient and a medical doctor.


Yes!! This is amazing.

I'm in full support of this, way to go Arizona 🙏


this is amazing, if someone disagrees, they can move to NY or CA, where they can have all the mandatory vaccines forced on them that they want! awesome move AZ!


Thank you so much! Where there is a risk there should always be a choice! Thank you for helping keep our medical freedom in our hands, and not the government's!


THANK YOU MR FILMORE! We need more republicans like you!


Thank you Representative Fillmore for this. Injecting a liability free consumer product that comes with a host of possible risk should always be a choice. One size does not fit all. My child is immunocompromised, the so-called hers is supposed to protect him and yet children recently vaccinated with live virus vaccines pose a greater risk to him than unvaccinated children. Medical exemptions are practically nonexistent the way the CDC guidelines are written. Despite our medical team’s recommendation that our child should not be vaccinated based on his health conditions and genetic makeup, they cannot or will not write a medical exemption because the CDC guidelines are too narrow and haven’t caught up with the explosion of chronic health issues this generation of children are living with. I’m appalled that so many of my fellow Democrats are supporting laws aimed at taking away bodily autonomy and medical freedom.


This is wonderful! I support this!!


Thank you! Proud to live in Arizona!


Thank you, John Fillmore! Thank you for standing up to big pharma and supporting medical freedom. No one should ever be forced to accept a medical procedure that has knowingly killed children and adults and contains neurotoxins, carcinogens, and animal/aborted fetal DNA.


Iwas pro vax 100% until I watch three of them injure my daughter and cause seizures in front of my eyes. I wish I would have read the insert of a vaccine as my doctor did not tell me about possible side effects. As a former pro vaccine all the time, I now realize the logic behind “there are risks to every medical procedure”- one size does not fit all in ANY other medical situation, why is every child given the same vaccine despite age and weight? Nurses can’t even administer Tylenol in a hospital without dosing it properly, why would something injected not be dosed properly as well? why are pressures given the same injection as a healthy 9lb full term baby? It doesn’t make sense if you actually stop and think about it . Appreciate this legislation in an age where rights are being stripped in other states


Filmore we are all behind you on this. Living in the land of the free we deserve the right to have the choice of what is injected into our kids and our own bodies. Please pass this bill! You have our vote!


Yes! Thank you Mr. Fillmore! Mandatory vaccines are unconstitutional and infringe on religious freedom. Last I checked, Arizona was still a state that values freedom! As an American citizen I have the right to decide what is or is not injected into mine and my children’s bodies. Do not California my Arizona. Mr. Fillmore, I stand by you. Thank you.

T Miranda

Yes!! I have a child who is immune compromised - you know the ones “vaccines are supposed to protect.” Vaccinating others does not protect my child! They actually put my child at greater risk of getting these diseases. If we truly want to protect our children then we should be passing legislation to ban food dyes and other toxins from our food supply - those things weaken our immune system and put us at much greater risk than any disease we vaccinate for. Parents - please do your own research. There are literally thousands of scientific studies proving the inefficacy and dangers of vaccines to our children. Don’t let big pHARMa take away your rights to protect your children!


Yes! Thank you for protecting a parent’s rights. This is definitely a step in the right direction!

Way to Go!!!

Yes, this bill is as it should be. Vaccines are not a one size fits all solution. The decisions should be left up to the parent. Anyone who says otherwise is CLEARLY NOT INFORMED!!!


Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank you for standing up for parental rights and bodily autonomy!!

Sam Phillips

Sam Phillips

This makes me proud to live in Arizona.


This absolutely amazing and another step forward to medical freedom!

Do NOT California my Arizona!


I can't believe it; where are all of the liberals and their comments? This legislation deals with parental rights. You know, I have a right to determine what is injected into my child. Where are all of the people who believe in the freedom of choice? And where are all the people who believe that government with its excess of regulations is overstepping its authority? And where are the people who strongly believe that injecting mercury directly into the body of a child is a good thing?

Now I am not saying that I am in favor of this legislation, but I just don't see much discussion of the pro's and con's here either? There are people with strong feelings about this topic. And as a once famous politician once said; "what difference does it make".

Well in my opinion not much. If your child IS vaccinated and at school and someone comes to school that is NOT vaccinated and carrying measles "what difference would it make". None as far as you are concerned right? Your child would be protected anyway. The only difference is that ONLY the children which ARE NOT VACCINATED would be at risk. Therefore as a good parent, you would have already ensured your child was safe.

So maybe he is on to something. Maybe what he is saying is that "good parents" are going to make sure their children are protected. Other parents who happen to believe that vaccinations are dangerous will be putting THEIR children's lives at risk. So the question becomes; CAN you or SHOULD you be able to force other parents to do your bidding. Can the government force you as a parent to do things to your child you disagree with? Can a government with a 17% approval rating be trusted to protect your child from harm?

These to me are some of the questions parents face today. Thank heavens my kids are all grown and I am quite sure all of my grandchildren's shots are up-to-date. If they weren't I would be asking why? But could I force my grown daughter and son-in-law to get them vaccinated if they weren't, probably not.


Yes as a society we have the right to protect ourselves by demanding the progeny of even the stupidest of people be vaccinated to protect all of us. Whenever these disease carrying vermin are in public they are a health hazard. Where do you think we would be with small pox if there had not been a world wide effort to vaccinate against it leading to its eradication by 1980? (However, it may yet again rear its ugly head thanks to the anti-vaccination morons). Other diseases thought eradicated, include Mumps, TB, Measles (thought eradicated in 2000 is now coming back, once again thanks to anti-vaccination idiots), scarlet fever is also coming back, along with whooping cough and cases of polio, long thought eradicated are showing up, again thanks to…well, you get it., Why anyone would consider the lunatic ravings of anti-vaccination fools to be valid is beyond belief.


Almost every statement you make is factually incorrect. Let me give you an example "scarlet fever is coming back"....there is NO VACCINE for scarlet fever! Shall I go on?


There are more outbreaks of vaccine preventable diseases in the US among fully and properly vaccinated populations than there are of unvaccinated populations.

It’s not surprising, knowing that vaccine science is vastly inconclusive.


Perhaps you should know what you're talking about before you make such asinine comments. First, no one is vaccinated against smallpox anymore, so I guess you're one of the anti–smallpox vaxxers. Second, mumps, TB, nor measles was ever thought to be eradicated. Not even close. Regardless, it’s the rare person who gets a TB vax in the United States. Third, as Kristi mentioned, there is no vaccine for scarlet fever. Fourth, most cases of pertussis now are in fully vaccinated people. Schools with 100% vaccination rates are seeing high pertussis rates. Why? Because the vaccine is virtually useless. Additionally, people who are vaccinated against pertussis can be asymptomatic carriers and, thus, spread the disease to others without even knowing it. Fifth, most cases of polio are now caused by the vaccine itself. Also, only one type of polio has ever been eradicated: poliovirus type 2. And guess what? Some moron included that type of polio in a vaccine given in the Philippines, causing at least two children to become infected with a once-eradicated disease. If a disease is truly eradicated, it can't just "come back." It can, however, come back when it is given in vaccine form. And, finally, it's obvious that you don't know the difference between "eliminated" and "eradicated." Perhaps learning the difference should be your homework assignment for tonight. Good luck.


Old fool, wheres his rationale for this bone head idea? God spare us from these senile law makers. Embarasment to the party.


This is so stupid.


Absolutely a stupid idea.


Every kid who is not vaccinated should be required to wear a sign that says, "DO NOT APPROACH ME! Because my parents are stupid I am a public health hazard!"


You are right. Unvaccinated kids should wear that sign! People will see how healthy and vital they are despite being surrounded immunocomprimised people full of vaccines who are constantly getting colds and flu because they can’t fight off the smallest pathogen. Our family would happily wear that sign. We have rock solid immune systems and are not afraid of illness. Bring on the germs!




then everyone over the age of 30 needs a sign.. duh... maybe even YOU!!

fake news, do NOT need all those TOXIC vaccines.


Question: Are you up to date on all the vaccine all the children get now? There are many now that may not have been around when you were a child. For example, some school districts actually require the HPV vaccine. Have you had one? Vaccines wear off. Could be in 5 years, could be in 20...depends on the person. Have you had your titers checked? Could you be technically unvaccinated? Sixty percent or more of the population are estimated to be technically unvaccinated because they didn't continue boosters on all vaccines once they leave school. Should you be one of those people with a sign?


So then I am to assume that you have had the whole schedule which is 69 doses right? You have all your hep’s, (A,B,C) HIB, meningitis, rotavirus, MMR, DaPT, polio’s, HPV, Flu. Because the schedule has increased dramatically since adults were kids. So almost all adults are not vaccinated. Even if you are young enough to have had MMR and DaPT as a kid, you know they have worn off right? That’s makes you unvaxxxed. Does that mean your an anti-vaxxer? Because when you realize most adults are not up to date, and have never had half the vaccines they give today? It kinda blows herd immunity theory right out of the water! Thank god arizona it’s a parents rights state that honors the doctor patient relationship as private and not public. You have no idea how many unvaccinated are at the store, the bank, the post office, and the gas station—and guess what? All is well.


This is why we need to stop electing old conservatives, science and health means nothing to them.

Too old for this

On this issue, I would agree with you. Fillmore has come up with some very stupid ideas lately.




I’ve been researching vaccine science for 5 years and all

I can surmise is that vaccine science is vastly inconclusive.

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