EDITOR'S NOTE: This story was updated at 9 p.m. Friday to add additional information and update the number of fatalities.

A boating accident north of Lake Havasu caused two fatalities Friday night and left another subject with serious injuries.

Two boats crashed into one another Friday night around 7 p.m. near the mouth of the Colorado River north of Lake Havasu, according Mohave County Sheriff's Sgt. Kyler Cox.

Two individuals were confirmed to be deceased. Another person was transported to Havasu Regional Medical Center with serious injuries. A fourth person, who assisted with CPR as a Good Samaritan was transported to HRMC as a precaution, Cox confirmed.

Cox said the investigation is still ongoing, and responders searched the water with a helicopter to look for any other possible subjects involved.

No other information about the individuals or the cause of the accident could be confirmed as of 9 p.m. Friday night.


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I don’t know the exact cause or details, but I think either need dredge entry At the end of lake to gorge or make that area a no wake area, most boats traveling in that area are hugging the island to avoid the shallow water, and to make matters worse, the boat heading up river tend to swing wide towards the California side then come in close to the island, creating a blind curve. Then you guys in 100+ mile per boats that are to tripod to slow, and show total disregard the safety of all others.

I know we are hot boat community, “ I hate regulations” but people are dying! We have to many people who don’t realize that simply because you can purchase a fast boat, Doesn’t mean you’re qualified to drive it!


Yeah, Fish and Wildlife tried to make the mouth of the river safer by creating a no wake zone right there four years ago. Havasu insisted it wasn’t a problem so tragically incidents like this will continue at regular intervals.


Mix 100mph boats, jet skis, rental boats, family boats, and kayaks you know it is mix of trouble.




There has got to be limitations placed on using the lake![censored]


Janaplum. Explain your idea of limitations? How would that prevent a accident? A accident can happen at anytime, limits or not, so what's your real point? Its tragic when anyone loses their life.


Gorge max speed 25. Accidents are often prevented when boaters drive faster than conditions allow. This is a fact in the Gorge. It was a fact with Lickety Split and the Topoc accident, etc. Greater enforcement of existing laws would help.

Comment deleted.

Dude, chill out.

Comment deleted.

Wow...cancel your subscription and take the money and get a life.


Tragic. That is a dangerous area.

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