Jon S. Douglas

Jon S. Douglas is restrained by officers immediately after he was shot during a police confrontation Dec. 10 at Havasu's Hobby Lobby location.

Investigators have released body camera footage in the case of a wanted Lake Havasu City man injured in a shooting by law enforcement officers almost three weeks ago.

The Mohave County Sheriff’s Office posted the one-minute, eight-second video to Facebook on Tuesday, for the first time illustrating the events leading up to the Dec. 10 shooting.

According to the sheriff’s office, 29-year-old Jon S. Douglas was wanted on multiple felony warrants when Lake Havasu City Police officers recognized him at a Kiowa Boulevard shopping center. Officers confronted Douglas in the location’s Hobby Lobby store, where he was seen speaking to an unidentified man in the camera footage.

When officers attempted to arrest Douglas at the scene, he led officers on a brief chase through the aisles. Officers repeatedly shouted for Douglas to “drop it,” as the chase ensued, until the two officers intercepted the suspect.

At about 30 seconds into the body camera footage, Douglas can be seen dropping what appears to be a mobile phone before struggling with one police officer, identified as 13-year veteran Sgt. Brian Jacobs. At 32 seconds into the footage, a single gunshot can be heard before Douglas fell to the floor.

Both officers placed Douglas in handcuffs before calling paramedics and supporting officers to the scene. At 47 seconds into the footage, Jacobs can be heard to say, “I thought he was going for a gun.”

Douglas was transported to Havasu Regional Medical Center for emergency treatment of his injuries. According to investigators, Douglas was unarmed at the time of the incident.

Both officers involved were placed on paid administrative leave after the shooting, and investigation into the incident was delegated to the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office. The use of an outside law enforcement agency to perform such investigations is standard practice by the Lake Havasu City Police Department in preventing potential conflicts of interest, or the possible appearance of a conflict of interest in cases of armed force used by officers.

Douglas was released from hospital care earlier this month, and later released from custody on two separate $5,000 bonds.

The shooting remained under investigation as of Tuesday afternoon, and the results of that investigation will ultimately be submitted to the Mohave County Attorney’s Office for review.


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This is not a justified shooting. Looks like what's called a sympathetic response. The shooting officer was grabbing the suspect with his left hand, and pulled the trigger with his right hand trigger finger., firing one shot. Sympathetic response. Officer did not know he even fired the gun till after it went off, that's why he looked at the gun twice after the shot was fired. I am glad he did not strike the other officer who was in the line of fire, or anybody else in the store. Bad training and judgement by the shooting officer. I thought he had a gun does not justify the shoot..


Just think if he was a unarmed Black Man ….BLM & main stream media would be all over this town ,,,,I agree this was uncalled for ,,,are trigger happy LHPD has history for this type of action ur check books to out again ,


Easy to second guess a police officer doing his job. They have a split second to decide what to do. If that dummy had just followed instructions, he would not have been shot. Good job LHCPD.


I say that’s bull crap to shoot at someone because they believe they had a gun nahh I believe that cop should serve some jail time what a piece of crap

Too old for this

I guess we really don't know what we would do if we had to chase a guy with felony warrants and something black in his hand. Everything seemed to happen very quickly. I tend to agree with Adam1...the felon started the whole thing, and the right people went home safely.


Wow, do not see a deadly threat to officers or public. Then to Shoot when the other Officer clearly has two hands on the suspect and then the object in hands was dropped before the other officer touched him. This seems to me as a unjustified shooting.


Are we becoming another Phoenix? Too quick to shoot?


That officer is lucky he didn't get shot by the officer who appears to have accidently fired his weapon.


Also lucky none of the other shoppers got hit. It was a reckless act, and shows pretty poor training from the police. They need to learn far more non lethal techniques, including physical restraints and deescalation. It seems hard to believe this would be considered a reasonable use of the side arm. Really shouldn't have even had it drawn, in an open store, sneaking around isles.


The suspect created the situation by fleeing, time to go home safe to your family.

Too old for this


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