A body found Sunday on State Route 95 has been positively identified as that of a controversial Youtube personality.

According to the Arizona Department of Public Safety, a man was found slumped in the seat of his vehicle by a passing motorist. When the victim was found to be deceased, Public Safety officials were called to investigate. On Wednesday, Mohave County Medical Examiners positively identified the victim as 53-year-old Conald E. Petersen.

Petersen gained notoriety in social media circles through a series of videos in which he appeared to harass or otherwise disparage public officials, while chronicling his possible drug use under the online alias, “FedSmoker.”

Social media groups and online news publications released unconfirmed reports of Petersen’s death earlier this week. According to the Mohave County Medical Examiner’s Office, officials identified Petersen by his driver’s license after a brief investigation.

Petersen’s cause of death has been ruled as atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease – a condition in which a victim suffers hardening or narrowing of his or her arteries that can ultimately cause heart attacks, strokes and other potentially fatal health complications.

According to the Medical Examiner’s Office, Petersen was last seen alive at 11 a.m. Sunday. He was pronounced deceased at 11:48.


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[sad]RIP Fedsmoker Just keep Featherin it No worries , The Water Champs will keep outing the Chomos


Rebel without a clue, the world is a better place.


He dedsmoker now

May his jeans been oh so high and oh so tight while taking cops badges and featherin it in the sky

Rest in Proto

Berts eyes arent fat

Another chomo who broke proto and took the easy way out. Your messages got me through the 9 2 5 brother. If they have cushed ice up there I know you'll be featherin it brother. RIP


May the proto be with him. We need to find out if the chomo security guard from the first video is responsible


On a day that I thought my jeans were as high and tight as possible they now hang low and loose. To a true patriot. A double agent that followed proto and not only knew what it was he took cops badges all the time using it. He feathered it with the best of them. Keep a watch out for the baby rapers in the sky we got the chomos down here brother.

Sue wu

Nothing gets your jeans low and loose like the loss of a cool guy. His heart may have broken proto but his spirit will live on in the hearts and minds of mommies everywhere. Keep featherin it in heaven bruther.

Sue wu


Awww man, now I have to find a new dentist and car wash. Going to miss this guy and the sweet mods he has on his cool car

Fedsmoker smoker

Nobody will miss that loser. He was nothing more than a bum his mom should have swallowed him.


Sounds like something a real ChoMo would say


All of the fellow psychopaths whining about this poor souls death, realize pud smoker was nothing more than a figment of his own psychosis. He never did anything real in life or "take any badges" he was a seriously sick person, living in a car, lost in his own altered reality. 30 years ago he would have been locked up in a mental hospital. Today he is a meth addict with a platform on YouTube. He made no difference whatsoever, other than the people he tried to torture. Bye bye , psycho


This comment couldn't be any lower or looser.


he was just that good of a double-agent.

Ta ta there, Tik tok

Etch a Sketcher

30 years ago he was locked up in a mental hospital. They couldn't help Herky, and he became Fedsmoker with an audience for his oddly entertaining nonsensical performances. He got what he wanted after all. To be remembered by someone, anyone... and to be loved even if only for being an internet jester. To him there was no difference, his pain and psychosis were his jokes and we were all his willing audience. We laughed at his pain, so who's the psycho?


What an absolute hero! Not only did he chase down and stamp chomos all over the country, he also accepted this most dangerous mission... To go into deep death cover as a double agent for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to hunt down and stamp the ultimate chomo... Jeffrey Epstein. Thank you for your service, double agent FedSmoker (ret.) #keepfeatherinitbrother


What a low life worthless waste a a human life. He tried to intimidate people, lie, cheat, and beg his way through life. He was a worthless, homeless, drain on society. No value to the world other tha harassing innocent people. A fake psychotic person who should have been locked up with the key destroyed. I'm sure he is enjoying Satan's pitch fork up his own baby raper. The world is now a better place.


Follow proto brother and remove a bad tooth in rememberance of the one who didn't want scurvy like you around. Come back when you smell like roses.

Dirty Pig Tour

Baby raping pigs may think they can rest easy, but Conald's spirit will live on in the road. Shine on you wildass.


The world has lost its token internet meth head that verbally assaults people for no reason. Conald Peterson aka fedsmoker. A retired double agent for the sheriffs department. Owner of the Falcon car wash dentistry and massage parlor. He kept his jeans the highest and the tightest with his mind blasted with meth. Never failed to bust the chomos with his handy baby raper stamp. Make sure they follow proto in heaven. Keep featherin it brother. Ta ta there retard. RIP. FIP. #ymh #yourmomshouse

#keepfeatherinit #chomo #drugsormentalillness


Glad he's dead. Too bad he was even conceived in the first place.


Your comment is completely against proto, ya chomo. Lord FedSmoker dedicated his life to featherin' it, free dental care, busting chomos and taking badges!


Pal you just punched your own ticket go Lucifers Lair with that negative comment there.


Good riddance, you waste of oxygen

A true A'merican original. He taught us to never hesitate to call the sheriff's department on these chomos and to always follow proto. Keep Featherin' it for FedSmoker 2020


I’m sad Mr. Smoker had passed away. I’ll miss watching videos of this psychotic lunatic terrorizing society.

Hi and Tite

A jack of all trades. Tattoo/Masseuse, Car Wash, Hair Stylist, Retired Double Agent, and his favorite trade, Cho-Mo hunter and taker of badges. Anyone who didn't follow Proto was done. Keep on featherin' it in Heaven brother.


Resurrection has come. Hunting rose in thicker bush. Margin Saturday at dawn.


Only a week on the Burt Kreishner diet killed poor Fed Smoker. All jokes aside the man was the last of a dying breed. An American Outlaw the likes that won’t be seen again. Keep featherin’ it brother!

Bert is racist

This article mentions him as a “YouTube personality” while also mentioning possible drug use, but it forgets to mention the fact this man was a the owner of multiple small businesses, a woman’s rights activist, a dog lover, and most importantly an American hero. He spent his life being a double agent before he retired to focus on more local issues. RIP Fed smoker.

Proto Pazsitzky

Proto has been irrevocably broken, Ted & Caroline will be devastated and will require 10 benadryl, just so they can get past the grief in 4 strokes. Keep on stamping those chomo's in featherin heaven, brother.


He didn’t follow proto and he wound up having CHEST PAINS. He’s taking chomo’s badges in heaven now. Feather it in peace brother


Ta ta there Fedsmoker


Featherin' in heaven [innocent]


Light your brain on fire and stamp those foreheads in retired double agent heaven brother.


Time to smoke some pigs for real in Heaven, brother.


Now he'll be in heaven taking Angels wings. Feather In Peace, chomo.


1 less member of the Cool Guy club. Heaven has a new protector. Feather it forever brother.


This is most unwelcome news. Low and loose as can possibly be. Everybody keep your jeans high and tight as you can get ‘em all week long in honor of FedSmoker. And when yer featherin’ it bruthr keep Judge the dog in your thoughts because I’m sure those cops cremated him ASAP.

The Water Champ

Thank you for all the self dental care and hair featherin tips. RIP Fed


Up in heaven is Fedsmoker... teaching Kobe how to feather it brother! RIP Forever missed


What a shame to lose such a cool guy. Just a blessin in the skies now. Next time I'm just glassin, I hope hes looking back down at us watching out for the cho-mos.

Louis Szekely

Fedsmoker may be gone, but his feathering it will always live on in our hearts.


Rest in proto

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