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There was no shortage of people at London Bridge Beach, Thompson Bay, Rotary Park, and along Bridgewater Channel on Saturday afternoon.

While Memorial Day weekend is always sure to pack the water with boaters, you won't find them parked along the Bridgewater Channel this year. Due to continued cororonavirus concerns, the Channel will remain closed for mooring this weekend, and it will stay that way for two more weeks.

The Channel was closed to mooring on March 31 to "help slow community spread of the covid-19," the city said in a press release. Anyone in violation is subject to civil sanctions, including a fine.

Mayor Cal Sheehy said the city is aiming for June 1 to lift the mooring restriction, in an effort to gradually reopen the city in accordance with national guidelines also being followed by the state.

The White House and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued “gating criteria” that states and regions are urged to satisfy before proceeding to a phased reopening. That criteria includes “a downward trajectory of influenza-like illnesses” and “covid-like syndromic cases reported within a 14-day period” and a downward trajectory of documented cases “or positive tests as a percent of total tests within a 14-day period.”

May 16 was Havasu’s first mass coronavirus testing effort so far, and an estimated 400 tests were expected to be administered during the event.

Sheehy explained that June 1 allows for 14 days to pass after this mass testing was completed. This provides time for test results to come back and more data to be collected, painting a clearer picture of Havasu’s coronavirus numbers.


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On busy times, boats block the channel shoreline neck to neck. For a family wanting to enjoy the channel they cant even see the water and have to squeeze between those with boats to swim . I was out there today (on my boat) and the extra space and feeling of the channel was more family oriented then ever seen . We have a great lake with places to roam. Venture a highway.. Good things come out of dark times. Just imagine..Dangerous situation period.


Swimming in the channel is not allowed.


City ordinances at a glance

Boaters must stay to the right (counter-clockwise).

Driver's view may not be impeded at any time.

No overloading of passengers in a boat.

No reckless or dangerous operation of a boat.

No idling while beached.

No stopping in the channel.

No-wake zone/5mph max.

No overnight mooring.

No swimming in or across the channel.

Water cannons/guns are illegal.

No bow-riding while underway.

pslincs can't swim in the channel.... plenty of places to swim...go to a beach to swim...the channel was designed for boats to moor.


Yes, we wouldn't want our boats to get sick. I find it hysterical that its ok to pile on top of each other with EZ Ups and sand chairs but beaching your boat is gonna spread "the virus." Doesn't make sense


I think it's the best thing It sounds like you are one of the crazy cali people that want to sit in the channel. Who wants to go on the holiday and stand the chance of getting killed by the CRAZY'S !!!!


Exactly...the Mayor is an idiot....time to vote the next one in

Tom Smith

Waiting 14 days will only take care of the locals tested.

What about all of the people from out of town? What's going to prevent one of them that might be infected from parking in the channel and spreading it???


Leave it closed .P.S. I`m a boat owner!


Always wondered why boats will line the channel all day long, while they have access the beautiful coves and the lake itself? Gas is cheap! Ok. the scenery, might consider one side for beach goers and the other for boats offers less congestion and easier access for all. PS..I'm a boat owner!


Because they can sit there and get DRUNK ALL DAY !!!! WHAT A WAST OF A DAY


I would rather have them drunk sitting than drunk moving around the lake, they can be watched easier by the po po in the channel. I like to boat, which means moving around in it. But I cruise thru channel after launching since its a faster route. I don't think swimming is a good idea in there, the ferry has to come in and that isn't going to change, theirs nicer swimming areas than the channel. And what about the docks and slips there, those aren't safe to swim around either. It's not safe to swim there. If a family is swimming there then they are putting their families at risk.

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