Linda Hardy, bartender at Cha Bones, tends to customers while wearing a face mask.

The cities of Kingman and Bullhead City are requiring residents to wear face masks in public. Lake Havasu City Mayor Cal Sheehy has declined to issue any such orders in Havasu, the largest city by population in Mohave County.

Citing the local increase in coronavirus cases, Kingman Mayor Jen Miles announced the requirement on Tuesday morning. Her proclamation requires people in Kingman over 6 years old to wear a face covering at all local businesses starting Wednesday at 1 a.m. Her order is set to expire on Aug. 1.

 “I know this action will be viewed by many with disdain and anger. I know others will welcome it as long overdue," Miles said in a news release. "I would ask that regardless of your position, please support the civil and social contract that binds us as members of our beloved city. Let us protect each other, care for each other, and do the simple behavior that is proven to help flatten the curve - wear a mask.”

In Bullhead City, Mayor Tom Brady announced a similar face mask requirement on Monday night. 

Both cities announced that city staff will be asked to help enforce the requirement. Police will work to "educate the public" about the order and provide face coverings when possible. Upon complaint, officers will communicate with residents and businesses that aren't in compliance. The City of Kingman asked that residents avoid calling 911 to report violations. 





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Cases are increasing because testing is increasing. Mortality rates are actually decreasing. The MSM doesn't report this because it doesn't support their agenda of fear. Please refer to the WHO map of daily cases and mortality here: https://covid19.who.int/region/amro/country/us

I'man American notaChinaman

First of all that masking and stop you from getting a virus really people I'm not walking around like a China person living in China I live in America it should have been taken care of a long time ago by shutting down America and keeping it shut down and then we wouldn't have this problem but are our President Trump in the in the governors of all these states have let us down and some of you people were doing really good but now you going to wear a mask over your face really it's my right whether I should wear one or not you're taking my civil rights away from me they should have did your job in the first place and like I said you can fine me put me in jail I don't care I'm not going to wear masks. I can't wear one I refuse to wear one some people have medical issues of being claustrophobic and I'm one of them you cannot force me to do that you think that you've that mask is going to help you you got another thing Coming because it travels whatever you can take it home give it to your family so this bull crap.wake up Americans get it right to shut yourself down for three weeks it's all it's going to take everybody in the United States you get caught out walking around boom you go to jail if you got 2 days to stock up on what you need for three weeks that's it it'll go away then I don't know what what makes you guys think it's not going to go away like this it's going to get worse don't you know that it's a it's a control population deal I don't believe in the government I don't believe in anything they do their messy and I don't like them too bad I couldn't run the country cuz I damn sure make sure that everything was right this is bull crap you know I'm still ashamed of being American anymore the way the way things are and the way things are run it's all about money and politics they don't give a damn about the people so full of hate and makes me sick even live in it


thank you Michele Lin for being an advocate for masks

Dave dave

This is mostly a fake News newspaper you write the truth and they take down your comments how is that fair politically anti-American

Dave dave

it seems our mayor is the same as people in Washington you don't really have a clue as to what's really going on you need to listen to Ron Paul he is a genius Doctor Who really knows what's going on people are not dying from the coronavirus except a minut amount people are dying with the Coronavirus and the hospitals are saying it's from the coronavirus because they get much more money but this thing is almost harmless and it's over the danger and the harmful effects from The Masks are way worse take your mask throw it in the garbage and go wherever you want you have a constitutional right to walk into the store or walk down the street without interference and I doubt the sheriff or the city police is going to do anything about it because they have some intelligence there wake up people


Coffee with Cal. Do not know how many people saw the following article to have a chance to ask questions and get answers:

Lake Havasu City presents Coffee with the Mayor and City Manager event to take place virtually on Facebook Live on Thursday, July 2nd at 8:30 am. Just visit the Lake Havasu City Facebook page @LHCAZGOV to join in. So grab a cup of coffee, your phone, tablet, laptop, or computer and bring your questions to the Facebook Live event from the comfort of your home. Mayor Cal Sheehy and City Manager Jess Knudson will join you for an open chat. Mayor Sheehy strongly encourages residents to virtually join and participate as a way to connect and talk about City related topics.

Unable to attend the chat? The meeting will be recorded and displayed on the City Website and Youtube.com to be viewed at a later date.


It’s time, Mr Mayor, for you to step up and and take real action to protect our community from the increasing numbers of Covid cases before the spread gets further out of control. We are seeing thousands of visitors invade us each week with no concern for the health and safety of our community. Havasu is a place that is viewed by these invaders as rule less and a place for them to behave as if Covid does not exist here. When they leave, they leave our community with higher numbers of Covid exposure for us to deal with! Our community has a very limited medical system that can handle the “surge”, not to mention, a much higher percentage of “high risk “ members of our population. Mr. Mayor, are you only looking at enhancing the revenue of your business supporters with disregard to the safety of our community? That’s the way it looks to me. Cal. It’s time to really step up and implement steps to stop this before it’s too big to control!


I agree with Jed. Our City needs to take control.


"thousands of visitors invade us each week with no concern for the health and safety of our community" We are a destination city in case you forgot and if your uncomfortable with that, then maybe it's time for you to move to somewhere isolated from tourism.

"Our community has a very limited medical system" Yes but we have taken cases in from other places in the state due to the fact that we did not have a need for the ICU beds. Hospitals do not make money when empty.

I'm one of your “high risk “ people but I will defend peoples rights (not fears) and less government (even Californians).

Also please show me the science that shows a cloth mask stops the virus? You can't.

So THANK YOU Mayor Sheehy for not forgetting that our city makes money with tourism (invaders) not retirees.


In the past Cal has not responded or taken action claiming his hand were tied by the governors order! What is the excuse now Mr. Mayor ? I would say grow a pair, but the mayor of Kingman has demonstrated they are not required to be a strong leader. With what does this leave the residents of Havasu?

Where does this leave us?


In other news Lake Havasu has announced all residents must do nothing new to flatten the curve,back to you at the news desk Tom....


Hahahh!!! He's still running around looking for hit butt with both hands!

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