Shoppers are being allowed back into the Lake Havasu City Walmart store after police responded to reports of a man with a gun. 

Police Lt. Kirk Cessna says officers got a report of a person in the bathroom area of the store with a gun, pointing it at people.

Officers on scene were seen responding with issued sidearms and AR-15 rifles to respond to the apparent weapon situation.

Officers arrived and evacuated the store, but they didn't find anyone with a weapon. The evacuation was lifted around 10:40 a.m. 

Police are now investigating the call as a possible hoax, he said, and the department may request prosecution if the phone call turns out to be a prank. 


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Saturday morning a bomb threat that turned out to be a hoax was called in to a Walmart in northern California. This may be some sort of Pre-Black Friday test of Walmarts in small towns as a soft target, rather than being directed specifically at Havasu?


I carry in and around Havasu daily including Wal Mart sometimes open sometimes concealed ,in this day and age I refuse to be a victim and will protect my family, friends,and fellow citizens until police arrive


If this was a hoax and they catch who called it in, the punishment needs to be quick and severe.

only in havasu

More and more residents are carrying their weapons. Heck- my next door neighbor- she’s 86 and carry’s a mini fire extinguisher looking device in her purse. It’s literally a fogger pepper spray. It fog sprays a huge orange cloud of nasty, sticky hellfire and brimstone twenty-five feet wide and 36 feet long. I almost feel sorry for whomever pisses her off. They’re will be an orange funnel cloud erupt over Lake Havasu proper visible for miles! Imagine some idiot pulls his gun and gets blown across the room with high pressure pepper spray from one side while the ladies group traveling to Vegas just there there buying cookies for the trip; start firing their pistols from the other side!




Classy. Although I do believe Havasu ripe for a good mass shooting.


Disagree with "Escapee." Havasu is not a "gun free zone!" So called mass shooters always look for soft targets. Probably more than a few of the shoppers in our WalMart are armed--as is the case throughout Havasu. Havasu is not the type of town ripe for a mass shooting because of all the citizens that would shoot back.

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