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Hannah Gottier, left, and her mother, Jamie, are shown in this photo posted on Jamie’s Facebook page. They were found dead from gunshot wounds Tuesday afternoon at a house on Beachcomber Boulevard, police said.

Three people are dead after a shooting in the 600 block of Beachcomber Boulevard Monday afternoon.

Police said officers responded to a shots fired call around 3:30 p.m. When they arrived, they found a woman and a girl lying dead in front of a house.

Lt. Shane Sloma told the News-Herald that officers then found a man dead in a truck parked in a carport of the house.

Multiple people told the News-Herald the victims were Jamie Reese Gottier, and her daughter, Hannah Gottier, a freshman at Lake Havasu High School. Police have not confirmed their identities.

“Right now what we are dealing with is we have two deceased females by gunshot wound that appear to be homicide related, and then one gunshot wound to the male which appears to be suicide,” Sloma said.

Police have not identified the man.

A security guard posted at the gate of Beachcomber Estates refused access to the home, saying only residents and police officers were being allowed in. Hannah Gottier was a student at Lake Havasu High School.

School administrators sent a text out to high school students and their families alerting them of her death, but the message didn’t identify her.

“It is with a heavy heart I must share with you that we have lost one of our LHHS students tonight,” the message said, adding that grief counselors would be made available for all students this week. School officials reached late Monday night refused to provide any additional comment.

Christina Musselman said she knew Hannah through Girl Scouts and cheerleading programs. “She was such a bright spirit,” Musselman told the News-Herald. “She loved the arts and was very intelligent. She was the world to her parents. Everything they did was centered around her interests.

Musselman said she just saw Hannah and Jamie Saturday night near the London Bridge.

“Hannah looked beautiful in her dress for homecoming. I made a comment about her walking carefully in her heels. We all laughed ... her mom and I just shared how we couldn’t believe how grown up the girls were from the young 7-8-year-olds we first knew in Girl Scouts.”

Sloma said the case remains under investigation.

Musselman said a candlelight vigil is being organized on Wednesday at 7 p.m.

Check HavasuNews.com throughout the day Tuesday for additional details on this developing story.


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Dream weaver

Jamie was a beautiful woman and Hannah such a lovely girl. All im going to say is, things arent always what they seem. I have prayed for these girls for several years now. My heart goes to their family.

Marilyn Klein

My name is Marilyn Klein. Hannah was one of my best friends and there was never a single moment that she didn’t have a smile on her face as well as Jamie. Jamie and hannah were some of the sweetest people I had ever met. I remeber one time Jamie had brought me and Hannah del taco at 12 am and then she had brought us dunkin donuts another time. They didn’t deserve to go out like this. I remember sitting down with Hannah and talking about our future and how we were gonna live together and how she wanted to be a doctor, but now she can’t forfill her dreams. They are gone but not forgotten and will forever stay in my ❤️

Teacher in Support of Students

You might want to correct the picture caption which says they were found Tuesday afternoon.

Ivette Wright

So unfair....So very selfish....Beachcomber is a great community....with all ages enjoying Simple life...RIP sweet Girls


It hurts. It just hurts. To have so much anguish that one destroys others, then perhaps himself... if we other Havasuans could have known and helped. It hurts.

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