Mohave County administration building

The Mohave County Administration Building

Mohave County is expected to receive nearly a half-million dollars in federal funds  and county officials want public feedback about how to spend the money. 

The county expects to receive approximately $427,612 in federal community development block grant funds from the Arizona Department of Housing Regional Account. The county also intends to apply for $500,000 in 2022 and 2023 from the State Special Project Account.

CDBG funds are required to be used to benefit low-income people and areas, alleviate blight or address urgent needs within the community.

A public hearing will be held Nov. 9 at 6 p.m. in the Saguaro Room at Mohave County Administration Building, 700 W. Beale St. in Kingman. 

Examples of the possible uses include the following:

- Public Infrastructure such as water, wastewater, street improvements;

- Housing;

- public services such as paying additional staffers to expand a Head Start Program or purchase equipment and rent to start a job training program;

- economic development such as loans to businesses to encourage job creation or acquisition of land for business expansions.


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I say we put in a County fund to help people pay the their rents, price gouging Landlords. Inflation rising faster than wages, and a glut ridden vacation town that is losing frontline employees everyday because their is nothing to rent, and if they find a vacancy, the rent is so high 3 families have to live in it to afford it!! Shame on "High Class" landlords!! I get it, it's your property, but exactly where is your humanity, other than in your pocket??


over - You nailed it. Both my neighbor and I were evicted by a new owner who wanted us out so she could raise the rent. She refused to tell us what rent she wanted saying, "I just want you both out!" My neighbor wound up moving in with her daughter because she could not find anything in Havasu and I am moving out of the area for the same reason. I had planned (Want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans!) when I moved here over twelve years ago that Havasu would be my final move. Now at 78 and physically handicapped a move was a pure horror show. And yes it is their property but this kind of action is unconscionable. And please no more of the BS about I should have "bought" or there are trailers for rent in Yucca, Needles or Amboy - that garbage only shows the ignorance of those posting it.


Let's see - how to spend it. Maybe instead of spending it we should save it [rolleyes] No that would n't work we are talking about our government, ha ha.

So here is my suggestion. We interview and get about 10-20 people in a training program to learn how to install solar systems. Then we take what is left of the money and install solar panels on buildings used for government supported rental assistance.

Everyone wins, we get some trained workers, the energy costs for the government supported housing decreases and we have improved the property used for people who need the assistance.


Give it back the Biden Government is broke!


47 - Still proving your massive ignorance we see.

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