The newly approved Johnson & Johnson Janssen vaccine is making its way to Mohave County next week with a big perk — just one poke.

Mohave County Health Director Denise Burley announced Wednesday that 1,700 doses are expected to arrive next week and will be distributed to county providers. She added that allocations of the Janssen vaccine will be “very limited for the next few weeks.”

Unlike the Moderna vaccine that is currently being distributed to residents, the Janssen vaccine only requires one shot — making it potentially ideal for those who have difficulty coordinating a second dose. Some providers might offer a choice between the two vaccines, a county press release said.

According to the county, this vaccine “provides up to 93% protection against hospitalizations from covid-19.

While the state has started vaccinating individuals 55 years and older, Mohave County will not be opening vaccinations to that population just yet.

“Mohave County recently expanded vaccine eligibility to include the 65 years and older and educator/childcare worker phases,” Burley said. “Until we consistently receive large allocations from the state and ensure these individuals have an opportunity to receive their vaccines, we cannot transition to the 55 years and older group.” 

As of now, the county is only allowing shots for those in the 1A and 1B phases, which prioritize protective services occupations, people 65 years and older, and educators/child care workers. 

According to the county, all 320 first dose and 180 second dose appointments were filled for today’s Mohave County Department of Health and Safeway Pharmacy vaccination event held at the Anderson Auto Group Field House in Bullhead City.

A vaccination event is also being planned for Lake Havasu City and is tentatively slated for March 17. However, a location has yet to be announced by the county.


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Been waiting patiently for this Manufactures vaccine, and would love to one of the first to receive it....but the process in this county to receive any vaccine is a really a failure. Arizona has insured that the metropolitan arears receive all they need, while the rural areas are standing in line for weeks to get a jab in the arm. Waiting lists are weeks long, and instead of centralizing imunization, they spread it all over the place, and no one seems to know how many doses. I was told that retail "orders" doses. Then I was told that the County allocates. Then I was told the State allocates. Who knows, I just want a shot, like everybody else. California has so much, they actually are throwing them away?? I was stunned. Texas did it right. Right now they are in a position that you can just walk up to a centralized area, and get the shot. What Arizona and Mohave county do, that has thrown us into "catch up " mode. I'm thinking someone in this county needs to be the squeaky wheel. Lastly, I was stunned when I called CVS, and was transfered to a customer rep to discuss COVID vaccine, to find that they were "off shore", and we all know what that means. I was supposed to discuss COVID vaccine in Mohave County with someone "off shore". Come on CVS, get it right!!! Lets get the vaccine out, and lets get these waiting lists under control. BTW, Flagstaff has vaccine, as well as Phoenix, Needles, and almost everywhere....but here!!!

RD Peterson

Exactly. Unfortunately this is what happens when government “controls” the process. I bet we could get some NG or AD medics to run a mass vaccination outdoors before it gets to hot and distribute 10 k quickly. That is, if the new DoD software reports to the State vaccination registry 😀



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