PMG Manufacturing, located in the old Kmart building on McCulloch Boulevard, is asking the public to help them identify two people who broke into their facility early Wednesday morning.

According to the video, two hooded individuals broke a window around 1:35 a.m. Wednesday. It is unknown as of 5 p.m. if anything was taken.

Ryan Busnardo, CEO, said he hopes the video they shared on their YouTube channel will help them figure out who these two people are.

Anyone with information is asked to contact LHCPD Officer VanPelt at 928-855-1171 or A reward is being offered for information.


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Cant touch this

So, not much information to go on.. Really bad video of the suspected perpetrators. They look like kids, probably hopped up on Adderall and bored out of there minds. Havasu does a good job of keeping the minds of many in idle. As there's nothing to do in the town. You can only go bowling and to the lake so many times before it gets repetitive and dull. You kicked mtv out but allowed the perverts of girls gone wild to film, The roller rink got shut down, grandpas skate park shut down. Havasu underground also shut down. The spot aka the arcade was shut down. Every thing that could have kept kids busy and entertained and busy is now gone.. But whats been constant is the amount of illegal drugs coming across the border. The really heavy bad ones at that. Meth, Heroin. Yikes!


probally moved here from california and now we have them......................Lucky


The 2 individuals in the video, look like a homeless couple, I reported for shoplifting in Big Lots a couple months back. Guy and a gal that hang around the shopping complex by Hobby Lobby and Big Lots.


Sure wished I could help but these old analog security systems are about useless when it comes to the identification of criminal behavior.

Probably time to invest in an updated system as more and more valuable equipment is moved into the facility.

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