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I am happy to see a public transportation service. Our seniors need it, working people who don’t have a car, our youth trying to get to part time jobs, after school activities, movies, skate Park and the lake, our out of town college kids. Hopefully eventually the expansion of routes will include the mall and the island and mcc, high school, asu


I can vouchsafe that the new, massively improved FLEX system is an incredibly valuable asset to this community, affecting those who might otherwise be housebound and vulnerable. The faculty to shop for food, visit medical facilities, participate in community events, et al, massively enriches the community, making it much more inclusive and healthy. Those elitist hypocrites who would say "Let them eat cake." to those not as able as them to provide for their own mobility is disgusting. This is a city, a community of equals, hopefully dedicated to each other and the greater good. This medieval discrimination against those less able to provide their own transportation (but not necessarily less financially secure) demonstrates a pompous disdain for social equality. In my seventeen years in this community, I can vouchsafe that the quality of my life, among others, would not have the value it has today without this invaluable service. To those who would deny this service should be aware that this city also provides myriad benefits to them that also go unsaid. Their selfishness is appalling.


Yep like I said UBER can handle it. Try it sometime. Just think how many UBER rides you could provide to the underserved with the money saved by not having this boondoggle.


Complete waist of taxpayers money. UBER work just fine. Guess that’s way the new transportation system is using the UBER platform. Government subsidies to complete against private companies GREAT.

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