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Thomas Garven

Interesting discussion between Mohave Crone and David Eaton and both individuals make points worth discussing. However the one thing I find refreshing is the lack of bad mouthing or mean spirited comments. Just a really good conversation that shows how important compromise really is.

As someone who borders on being an environmentalist I believe our current administration is missing the boat. Oh sure everyone knows WHY the administration is letting over 2 million people into our country without using our immigration system. We don't have enough laborers so we just open the border and get all we need. But at what cost?

Let's see, maybe about 2 million more cars on our roads, 2 million more mouths to feed, 2 million more people who need government support and at some point in time will need medical care. And 2 million people having babies and using FOSSIL FUELS to improve their lives which our current administration wants to eliminate.

It is impossible in 300 words to define just how much damage to our existing way of life SOME of these new immigrants are going to cause. All I can say is that we have an immigration process for the vetting, tracking and checking of those who want to enter our country legally and we should be using that system. And if that system doesn't work then it is the responsibility of government to fix it and they haven't, or won't or don't care or are incapable of TRYING to compromise with the other party.

Excellent discussion.

Yankee Doodle

“ Oh sure everyone knows WHY the administration is letting over 2 million people into our country without using our immigration system. We don't have enough laborers so we just open the border and get all we need. But at what cost?“

I don’t think you have that right.

In my opinion, this administration ignores the immigration laws, to bring future voters into the Democrat party.

Thomas Garven

Well Yankee Doodle you are certainly correct and that is another good reason for what the current administration is doing. But I wonder, do you think it will work?

Noway Jose

Yes , there is a glaring problem at the border. Now I read that illegals are being transported by planes. But some of the liberal commenters have stated this is all a result of Trump's policies. lol. Biden destroyed a lot of Trumps immigration policies the day after he took office with his numerous EO's.

Yankee Doodle

I think if the Democrats keep control of all houses (white/congress) now and in the future they will circumvent who can and cannot vote.

Mohave Crone

Deaton — Per the Customs and Border Patrol Stats, the amount of Fentanyl being seized at the Southern border started to increase in June 2020, with October and December being the highest at around 1,150 lbs seized each of those months. Surprise! The trend continues because drug dealers want to sell drugs! More immigrants might be trying to cross the border now but there is no unsecured border, that is Republican fear mongering and propaganda that they have been using to scare you for years and to justify treating the immigrants inhumanely and sending them back across the border without their children. Also, Fentanyl and other illicit drugs don’t come into the US via immigrants, they come in hidden in freight and produce coming from Mexico, or in shipments from China at our seaports. You know what I remember when Trump was President? The inability to buy toilet paper, soap, and meat during the pandemic. Gas was cheaper because nobody could go anywhere. Housing was expensive then too. People were dying right and left from Covid, States were fighting for ventilators and PPE because Trump refused to do his job as the President of the United States. Voting for the GOP candidates, they’re all MAGA Trump loyalists, that is the definition of insanity.


Crone, should I believe you or my lying eyes? Sorry, I’m going with my lying eyes. It clear that you get your news from different sources then I do and with your politics that’s understandable. However, I see on a daily basis huge groups of illegal migrants in long lines wading across the Rio Grande River holding hands some have to rescued by border agents and some drown. The Border is not secure! You seem to thinks that is acceptable that on average 300+ human beings are being poisoned and are dying ever single day of everyday of the year from the manufactured opioids called “fentanyl” whose only source is the Mexican drug cartels who smuggled it across the “open border” referred to above. So can you and I just agree to disagree, nothing you have posted in these comments has changed my mind and my beliefs about the situation our Country is in. I’m sure the reverse is true for you too.

As longs as the editor and publisher permit me, I intend to post here my views about the topics presented. You are right, I’m an old dude and have a lot of time on my hands, I intend to use some of that time here in the comments, particularly until November 2, 2022.

Have a great day Crone, see you tomorrow! [thumbup][whistling][rolleyes][wink] Deaton


Remember in November, the 8.6% INFLATION rate that cost you $4,200.00 dollars in purchasing power, per year! Remember the 87,000 new IRS agents who will be auditing your tax returns! Remember the 2,700,000 illegal migrants who have crossed our unsecured Southern border sinc 2021, enough people to populate a city the size of Chicago, IL. Remember the the 300 poisoning death every day from FENTANYL being smuggled through that same unsecured border! Remember that you were paying $1.87 per gallon of regular gasoline in January 2021, that same gallon costs you $4.19 today in LHC! Remember the 20% price hike on just about everything you buy at your local grocery store! Remember who caused all of this is: our President Joe Biden colluding with a democrat controlled Congress! Remember in November to vote GOP to stop this insanity! [thumbdown][censored][censored][thumbdown][angry] Deaton

Noway Jose


Christopher Gallaga

One thing is certain no matter which party wins the people will continue to lose.

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