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At least he finally admits that there is inflation. That is a start.


coolio - Of course he did because it is the truth. That is so much better than the twice-impeached, low-life, POS whose lies resulted in thousands of people dying from COVID. And in case you forgot, here are just a few f lies:

“When we get into April (2020), in the warmer weather—that has a very negative effect on that, and that type of a virus.”

“It’s going to disappear. One day, it’s like a miracle—it will disappear.”

“If the economic shutdown continues, deaths by suicide definitely would be in far greater numbers than the numbers that we’re talking about for COVID-19 deaths.”

“Coronavirus numbers are looking MUCH better, going down almost everywhere, and cases are coming way down.”

“The pandemic is fading away. It’s going to fade away.”

Thursday, July 2, 2020 “The pandemic is getting under control.”

Saturday, July 4, 2020 “99% of COVID-19 cases are totally harmless.”

Monday, July 6, 2020 “We now have the lowest Fatality (Mortality) Rate in the World.”

“Children are virtually immune to COVID-19”.

Thursday, August 27, 2020 – “The U.S. has among the lowest case-fatality rates of any major country anywhere in the world.”

“America is rounding the corner and rounding the final turn of the pandemic.”

“The media is overblowing fears about the virus ahead of Election Day.”

"What happens is, you get better after being sick with COVID-19. That's what happens: You get better.”

“You get better and then you’re immune.”.




President Biden, the man elected by the American people to replace a twice-impeached, lying, POS who started the mess he is now faced with cleaning up, said "The largest share of the increase in prices in this report is due to rising energy costs -- and in the few days since the data for this report were collected, the price of natural gas has fallen. I have directed my National Economic Council to pursue means to further reduce these costs, and have asked the Federal Trade Commission to strike back at any market manipulation or price gouging in this sector. Other price increases reflect the ongoing struggle to restore smooth operations in the economy in the restart: I am traveling to Baltimore to highlight how my Infrastructure Bill will bring down these costs, reduce these bottlenecks, and make goods more available and less costly. And I want to reemphasize my commitment to the independence of the federal reserve to monitor inflation, and take steps necessary to combat it."

In his statement, Biden reiterated his calls on Congress to pass his sweeping economic and climate agenda and touted six consecutive weeks of decline in new unemployment claims.

"We are making progress on our recovery. Jobs are up, wages are up, home values are up, personal debt is down, and unemployment is down," Biden said. "We have more work to do, but there is no question that the economy continues to recover and is in much better shape today than it was a year ago."

The President is doing a fine job considering the mess he was left with.


The man with a 38% approval rating, way to go Brandon!!!


Even with the mess that tRUMP left, Biden’s popularity is above the former orange loser’s numbers! Remember his 37% rating?


Soooo no comment on any FED policies in the last 6 months? You come in second place for such a dumb comment. It is always amazing how uneducated grown adults are about our financial system. I guarantee this guy gets hurt when the market corrects.


Fed policy has been loose but cautiously even handed given the economic realities of the pandemic. Read those reports again and tell us what you would have done differently to weather the economic slowdown from the lockdown and increased activity from government relief payments. Have you even looked at today’s economic news? Deficit reduction, employment numbers and America’s economic recovery in relation to the rest of the world?


HG. The way Biden is going it won't take long before he drops below 37%.


It won’t be long before he’s polling above 50%


Anddd the winner of the dumbest comment goes to you. I will send you the last 6 months of FED minute meetings. Read up so you have a better understanding about what is really going on.


Hahaha is this real life? I'm sorry but whoever runs this editorial is extremely uneducated on economics. I also cannot wait to read these comments about this. Proof our education system teaches nothing about Financials.


Yes man - I agree, our economy is influenced by factors outside the control of political policies. I think some of these polls are only designed to generate arguments…

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