SWAT action

Officers were still at the home near the intersection of Cosnina Drive and Quail Lane around 7 a.m. Thursday. Police said SWAT officers had conducted a narcotics-related search warrant at a home in the area earlier that morning.

The Lake Havasu City Police Department's SWAT Team served a narcotics-related search warrant at a home early Thursday morning.

Local residents said officers were at a home near the 2100 block of Cosnina Drive and Quail Lane around 5:30 a.m. Neighbors reported hearing the sounds of loud bangs and police announcing the search warrant over a public address system. 

Police said the house was surrounded by the SWAT Team and the occupants were called out of the house. 

Animal control officers were later observed at the home.

Police said they plan to publish a news release with additional information about the search warrant.


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mike simons

Love and respect to LHCPD for helping get that garbage out of our town! Great job!


Does swat have an animal control unit?

Gina J

Not that I know of...Animal Control came around 8am & took custody of the little dog (the dog's "grandma" was able to pick him up & take him to her home so he's safe & sound now)....

Gina J

Please note that the home in this picture is NOT the house where the search warrant was served this morning...it was actually served at the neighbors house (2186 Cosnina) which is NOT pictured!

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