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An orange tabby cat survived being burned, and law enforcement believes he may have been intentionally set on fire. Mohave County Animal Control is seeking information on the incident while the non-profit Feral Cat Warriors shelter harbors the cat as he heals.

KINGMAN — Armstrong, an orange tabby cat, is currently under the care of Feral Cat Warriors after he appeared to have been intentionally set on fire.

According to the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office’s Public Information Specialist Anita Mortensen, Animal Control officers discovered the cat in mid-December and reported burns to his back and neck. After further evaluation by the Mohave County Animal Shelter and Humane Society of Mohave County, the burns Armstrong sustained appeared to have been intentional.

That determination upped the incident to an animal cruelty investigation.

Madison Miller with the non-profit Feral Cat Warriors has been taking care of the three-year-old, cross-eyed Armstrong. She reported he is recovering but has a long way to go. Staff is anticipating that Armstrong the cat will need surgery to deal with how he is healing.

“When burned, the skin will shrink. His left ear is pulling back his eyelid, making it hard for him to blink,” Miller said.

However, Armstrong was given the name because he is strong. The most challenging aspect of his healing process so far has been making sure Armstrong doesn’t scratch or reopen his wounds. He currently wears socks and T-shirts to cover his injuries.

Despite his hard past, Miller said he is in good spirits and is a “sweet” cat. He greets his current caretakers when they enter the room.

“He is sweet, loving and bright,” Miller said. “He’s eating like a champ.”

Armstrong has received medical care and support from the Mohave County Animal Shelter, the Humane Society of Mohave County, Feral Cat Warriors and a variety of veterinarians. Miller said it was heartbreaking to see Armstrong’s injuries and his charred fur.

“You don’t set cats on fire,” Miller said.

To help pay for Armstrong’s medicine, appointments and potential future surgeries, Feral Cat Warriors is taking donations at feralcatwarriors.org. Armstrong will put up for adoption in the future.

According to law enforcement, there is no known owner or suspect for the incident. Anyone with information is asked to contact Animal Control officers at 928-753-0753 and reference case number DR#22-047901.


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