Update (12:29 p.m.): Mohave County Sheriff's office says divers have recovered the body of Isaiah Benz, a resident of Canoga Park, California, from the bottom of Lake Havasu. According to the sheriff's department, divers with the department's Division of Boating Safety's dive rescue and recovery team used side scan sonar technology to find Benz, who was located in the South Basin of Lake Havasu under about 35 feet of water.


Earlier: Deputies with the Mohave County Sheriff's Department are continuing the search for a Southern California teen who is believed to have drowned in Lake Havasu. According to the sheriff's department, the 16-year-old never resurfaced after jumping in the water. Meanwhile, three other people were injured in the same incident.

When deputies arrived at Lake Havasu, near the Water Safety Center, they found one person who had suffered a laceration from a boat propeller and two others who had nearly drowned. Deputies treated the injuries while divers began searching for the missing teen.

Deputies say the group was visiting Lake Havasu from Palm Springs and Canoga Park, California. They were on a rented pontoon and had stopped in the South Basin to go swimming. Because of the high winds, the boat and the group became separated. Meanwhile, the teen began struggling in the water. The group boarded the boat to retrieve the 16-year-old, and while it was being operated, an adult man fell from the back of the boat where he was struck by the propeller. That's when two other people jumped from the boat in an attempt to save the struggling teenager.

The man with the propeller injury and the two swimmers were taken to Havasu Regional Medical Center for treatment. They are in stable condition, according to the sheriff's department. 

Sheriff's divers were forced to discontinue the search at dusk, but say the search will continue this morning. They are asking the public to avoid the area to allow the diving team room to work. 




Earlier: The Mohave County Sheriff's Department is searching for a missing teen who may have drowned in the South Basin of Lake Havasu near Contact Point, and is asking the public to stay away from the area.

Sgt. Kyler Cox said the department has been searching for a 16 year old boy since about noon Sunday. Cox said he had few details about the case because sheriff’s department personnel have been focusing on the search. He said initial investigations show several people jumped off a boat to swim and the boat may have drifted with the winds.

Cox said the sheriff’s department received a call about the incident around noon, and the MCSO Dive Rescue Recovery Team has been searching the area with divers and a side-scan sonar system. Cox said as of 5:20 p.m. the teams were still searching.

“We are asking all traffic in the South Basin Area to avoid Contact Point because it is still an active scene with multiple resources in the area with divers and the side-scan sonar search tactic,” Cox said.

Cox said the teams will continue to search until the missing person is found, or until dark.


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wind didnt have anything to do with it. not everyone should be handling a boat or be on the lake. a preventable tragedy. as with the rest of the fatalities already this season.


100% agree!!! A lot of people come out to the lake for a good time, but not even thinking about safety. Very sad

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