While waiting for a space to open up at the Smith's parking lot Tuesday morning, a vehicle reversed into the building, damaging another vehicle and a bench in the process.

Just before 11 a.m., a "vehicle into building" call was reported. Lake Havasu City police said that a Jeep Cherokee was waiting for a parking space and "somehow reversed into the building."

Another vehicle near the Jeep sustained minor damage. No injuries were reported.

A witness recounted that the impact "sounded like an explosion."

The newly paved parking lot was swarming with people and vehicles on Tuesday morning as people shopped at the recently renovated grocery store.


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only in havasu

Over the years, I’ve had a couple interesting thing happen while at Smiths. I’ve also observed some crazy things as well. Noticed a used condum one time, and an un-capped drug needle about two years after that. I’ve walked past a car with a couple clearly engaging in extra curricular activities, and saw police swarm on a car that had some big time felon on the run from California over by the gas station. Arrived just after that time when there was a guy screaming obscenities and waving a handgun, and last but not least- saw that older guy we all laughed at around the downtown area who wore sunglasses and a very short bathing suit, and nothing else rocking out, and dancing to music. Smiths parking lot is an absolute cluster! Always has been...


It is Snow Bird season and that is the season that gear selection, gas and brake pedals cause confusion while store fronts, walls and fences become innocent targets. It is amazing that the birds drive long distances to get here with no incidents.



only in havasu

Not sure about 4 different state Highway Patrol agencies along the route to Havasu would agree with that... I heard many of them have writers cramp from all the incident reports they’ve had to file recently...


The entire Smith's parking area is a nightmare. Almost been hit three times just trying to get to the Family Dollar store.


I'm glad that whenever I go there, it's early in the morning. Less cars and less nonsense.


I love this store but the parking lot is something I don't. I have recently gone into the store came out and seen that my car has been hit by someone that obviously cannot judge the distance of thier car to the one they were parking next to. I recently took a hit there on my rear quarter panel that cost me $600 to have repaired. Unfortunately for me the $600 was under my deductible so I had to pay for someones bad judgement. Not to mention how inconsiderate this person was to damage my vehicle and just leave. This has also happened to 2 of my friends. And I was parked far out close to the gas station.

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