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ego-trip trump just doesn't get it. he needs to get the covefefe out of town.

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Lowest unemployment levels for all ethnicities! Highest incomes for all ethnicities! Prison reform! Sure you don’t care! Stock market, Gdp! What about crime? Lowest #’s! I know let’s thank Obama! If that’s what it takes let’s continue to thank him with Trump as our president! Let’s not let .007% of the population dictate what 99.993% does! Get back to work! Stop being afraid! Protect yourself and family! Open Up America! We’re sitting on the sidelines while everyone else is open! The virus hasn’t stopped throughout the world, yet their moving forward!


Lol! Look what “America” does for them! Worry about America, we will then worry about the rest of the world as we have done!!!

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I just heard that Mexico wants to take over building the wall to keep Americans out of Mexico. Boy, that tRUMP guy sure is a great negotiator.... lol

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No nailed it!

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