Lake Havasu City has a starring role in “Hot Water,” a comedy about the world of professional Jet Ski racing set to hit theaters in 2019. But it’s not the first time Havasu’s made it to the silver screen. Here are some other films featuring our oasis in the desert.

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During the filming of “Piranha 3D” I was able to interview Elisabeth Shue, Jerry O’Connell, Christopher Lloyd and director Alexander Aja. I was also offered a bit (teeny, tiny bit) part as a Grandpa in a Hawaiian shirt sitting on a bench along the channel with a little girl as the camera boat cruised by. Of course it was cut, but $50 was $50.


About 1/4 of The King and Queen of Moonlight bay was filmed at my home, inside, on the deck and on the roof. It was a fabulous experience and we got to meet some great people, including some great movie stars. Very fun, you can find parts of the movie on YouTube.


"Hard Ground" with Burt Reynolds was also partially filmed here. (2003)


I had day of the wolves dvd shipped from europe


Day of the Wolves is on YouTube at


Terror at London Bridge/Bridge Across Time with David Hasselhoff is available on YouTube at Filmed at various locations around Havasu. i.e.- police gym is actually the Lake Havasu High School gym. You can also rent it on Amazon video.


Got to meet the Highway Filmmaker at Spring Break and look forward to the movie. All the other movies are not available according to . The Paltrow movie featured an overhead but I did not recognize any features from the ground shots. If anyone knows where to watch the older movies post up.

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