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“Trumpstock” was expected to be a celebration of America’s 45th president this weekend at the Mohave County Fairgrounds. The city of Kingman, however, has since denied a permit for the event, and forced a change of venue for President Trump’s supporters. The event will now take place at a Golden Valley pizza restaurant.

According to officials, the Kingman Police Department rejected Trumpstock organizers’ permit for the event due to insufficient security.

“We’ve had nothing but problems with the city of Kingman,” said organizer Laurie Bezick. “They don’t seem to be as supportive of our president and of veterans as we hoped. First, they said our application wasn’t good enough – even though it was the city clerk who helped me fill it out. Then they had a problem with our event insurance. Now our security isn’t good enough … all of our security are retired law enforcement officers and military. We’ve just had a really hard time with Kingman.”

Bezick believes motivations for rejecting the event’s permit in Kingman may be political, but supporters are rallying to her cause.

“With the politics involved, it seems like when you have a loud voice and a cause, people want to try and keep you quiet,” Bezick said. “It’s extremely unfortunate. But everyone who’s been part of it to begin with has been so helpful. Supporters are circling the wagons, and it’s fantastic.”

The change of location was announced Wednesday on the Mohave County Fairgrounds’ Facebook page. According to event organizer Bezick, Trumpstock is now scheduled to begin Friday at Golden Valley’s Great American Pizza restaurant.

“The pizza place is on several acres of private property,” Bezick said. “It will be really great.”

Great American Pizza, located at 6775 Highway 68, in Golden Valley, has worked with organizers to sell tickets to the event before the change of venue was announced this week.

“We could hold quite a few people here if we have to,” said Great American Pizza owner Robert Hall. “We have about 3.5 acres that could be used, and we’re all about supporting the president here … everyone knows it. (Trumpstock) is welcome to come and use the property.”

According to Hall, the event has already gained a growing interest among Mohave County Republicans, and he’s expecting a large turnout this weekend.

“Lots of people say they’re going to come. I bet there could be a couple thousand,” Hall said. “Trump has a large amount of support in this area, and we just want to help in any way we can.”

The event’s website states that a portion of proceeds will go to first responders and veterans. Bezick, told Arizona Mirror that she is working with Lake Havasu-based non-profit Veterans United Arizona.

Several politicians and political candidates are expected to appear at the event, including U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Prescott), State Rep. Kelly Townsend (R-Mesa) and Justin Olson, who serves on the Arizona Corporation Commission.

The festival is scheduled to begin 3 p.m. Friday and last until Sunday afternoon, with daily admission of $25 and weekend passes costing $50. For more information about the event, visit, or call 1-602-551-4728.


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The organizer is a huge scam artist. She has been basically living off of one "fundraiser" after the next. Bilking people with different scams, someone stole her identity, someone stole her credit card, someone stole her taxes, she has cancer, on and on! I had been one who got bilked a few years ago. Now, I have her family trying to trash me because I DARED speak out! Dont believe it, check social media


My father is on the city council of Kingman. I asked him about this whole trump stock event and according to him the organizers didn’t have sufficient security-as stated in the article. When they submitted their application for the permit they put a non-existent security company. So the city tried contacting this said ‘security company’ and no response. I get trying to throw an event but why try and cut corners & basically lie about something as important as security to try and throw an event? Btw I AM a conservative and for the most part support Trump.





Steve Chambers

KngFrank is an idiot.

Steve Chambers

Seems to me that there's quite a few idiotic Leftists posting here. Stupid people.




Ming on Mongo is right - keep politics out of our fairgrounds. Tim Woods running for Dist 1 Supervisor was trying to secure Republican votes by allowing Trumpstock. The fair this year placed Republican booths in prime areas - such favoritism should never be allowed at the fairgrounds. Since I live in District 1, I know who I will not vote for.


I'm hoping Dawn will be there. She'll find just the opposite of Trumpstock attendees; most being good-hearted patriotic people. I'd even buy her a slice of pizza and a Coke. I hear their pizza is really good. I like Canadian bacon and pineapple best.


Patriots do not support a lying, draft-dodging, racist coward. BTW, Simple, do you still contend 500,000 people are going to show up?


So the "opposite of Trumpstock attendees" will be there? Where do you come up with this stuff?

Ming on Mongo

Doesn't matter which 'side' folks are on, let's keep 'politics' outta the fairgrounds.

Dawn King

Oh, how cute. A gathering of faux noise addicted, xtian extremist, "conservative values" voters that worship trump because he's the avatar of their partisan hatred, their white pride and the misogyny that they associate with an imagined bygone age. Step right up for your maga hats and russian flags! Wonder if anybody's told franklin and will graham about the change of venue.


You're such a unpleasant glob of living cells. I hesitate calling you a human being because you're rather inhumane with your nasty comments toward others whose opinions differ from yours. Aren't you just a ball of sunshine and goodwill?? Nice you feel so hateful toward a group of people who do not resemble any of your hateful adjectives. I'm sorry your life is so unhappy and you feel you must transfer your anger to a group of people who wish to gather in support of the President and all people of all ethnicities who support him. Your race card is showing. You should be more careful about that. You are a hater and a race baiter. It must be terrible to be you.


I know, but Simple Simon is a lost cause and we all know it.



Dawn King

Hey Tatiana, I hear the NRA is looking for another pro-putin spokeswoman. Hear the other one's a bit tied up at the moment.


Most Republicans are clever where money is concerned.


Yes, we know. The massive increase in our deficit is proof of that.


" welcome to come and use the property." As long as they cough up $25 to $50. Talk about a clever way for a Golden Valley pizza joint to make some "dough."


In case you wonder why DOTs are consistently laughed at follow this quote, “3.5 acres of land will hold upwards of 500,000 people.” Well yes, that’s true provided everyone is REALLY friendly. Consider a square foot is 12 x 12 inches and an acre of land has 43,560 square feet and 3.5 acres are 151,110 square feet. For 500,000 people to be on that amount of land provides each person with approximately 4 inches of foot space. And of course that negates anything else being on the land – you know roads, buildings, porta potties, vendor spaces, etc.


"It's going to be a really, really, really big show!" Busloads of patriots converging on small town Kingman. Hopefully someone sings that Lee Greenwood song, "Proud to be an American!" I tear up whenever I hear the words.


And what will they do once they get to Kingman? Start walking out to Golden Valley? And I tear up with laughter whenever I see these massively funny posts from simplesimon




3.5 acres of land will hold upwards of 500,000 people. Folks are coming from all across the state including California and Nevada. This could be bigger than Woodstock! I'll be there wearing my red MAGA hat like the majority of folks.


You're so funny. This mess, at best, might have attracted a couple of thousand inbred morons all wearing stupid red caps.

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