Edgewater Casino

Laughlin is scheduled to make a comeback next week with a planned June 4 opening.

“Laughlin has long been a popular destination for summer getaways to take in watersports on the Colorado River and the excitement of the casinos,” said Sean Hammond, vice president and general manager of Laughlin’s popular Aquarius and Edgewater casino venues. “We look forward to reopening in time for people to enjoy their trips to Laughlin while providing a safe, healthy atmosphere.”

According to casino officials, the reopening will come with discounts as much as 45 percent on hotel reservations at the casinos as customers make their return in June. Under order from Nevada authorities, those hotels will be limited to 50% capacity to mitigate the potential spread of coronavirus infection.

The Aquarius, Edgewater and other casinos owned by Golden Entertainment, Inc, announced that broad safety measures will be implemented to ensure the safety of employees and patrons during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Enhanced sanitation protocols will be adopted at each location’s casino floors, restaurants, bars, elevators and hotel rooms.

All health and safety measures at the locations may be subject to change by order of the Nevada Governor’s Office or the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

According to Golden Entertainment, some areas of the Aquarius and Edgewater facilities will be closed during the initial reopening phase, but most of those locations’ restaurants and casino floors will reopen next week.


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Sir Charles

We talked about being adults and then on the other hand we have an addiction to nicotine we have become nicotine Junkies and yet we blame others because they have a bad habit for people who don't have that habit would like to have some fresh air that's all we can all get along


Attention Non Smokers:

Please utilize your coronavirus mask to filter out any cigarette smoke that offends you.

Thank you.....

Live Life

We all just want to live our lives. Can't we all manage to mind our own choices and let those around us do the same. If I'm making someone uncomfortable or vice versa, the adult in me accompanied by my regard for others should be a base for getting along.

Live Life

I am not addicted to Anything.


Over 480,000 people die every year in US from cigarette smoke--- it's time for change !


I sooooooo agree it's way past time for Casinos to have at least half their space as non smoking. There's more and more non-smokers- get with the times ! You want to smoke?? Fine,,I don't, I would rather use my $$ for other entertainment- no reason everyone can't be happy!


Maybe it would be a good idea for someone to open a casino for non smokers only so they would stop protesting against smokers. That way people could choose to smoke or not and I wonder if the non smokers would still frequent smoking casinos. I'm sure there would be smokers who would visit non smoking casinos and refrain from smoking. We smokers do not complain about the non smoking areas in casinos therefore why do non smokers? We all have choices and as with the virus all choices have risks. Choose which risks you are willing to take and apply them responsibly.


Sharkbate915 good point. I remember way back when when non-smoking sections first came to restaurants. Even though we smoked we would choose the non-smoking section and didn't have to wait to get a booth [beam]


In addition to making non-smoking sections better, add non-coronavirus sections, too.


Like smoke will obey a sign. It acts much like some California visitors.


I am excited to see Lauglin open again, i hope one of the changes to protect the publics health is a designated smoke area, no smoking allowed in other areas of the Casino would be great!


There are no smoking areas. I'm getting so tired of people who choose not to smoke, insist that no one else enjoy themselves on their vacation just because they don't. We have just as much right to smoke as you do to not smoke. All of today's modern bars, casinos and night clubs have installed the best smoke eaters into their establishment to make all comfortable. The non smoker should have to use the patios in the summer when it's very humid and hot. Should be like it used to be with the change clinking down into the tray, bells going off, folks drinking and smoking or not, but everyone was happy and MINDING their own business. Just like they should in an adult club, as long as nothing bad is going on. If you are going to use that worn out excuse of second hand smoke kills; well there's a whole lot of us with parents who lived to be in their late 80's all smoking 2 packs a day, and we are all still living just fine. The pollution from the gas you fill your car up and breathe is more harmful.


I agree. The non-smoking sections are ridiculously small. Tired of smokers thinking casinos are solely for their enjoyment only.

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