Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Wired4Sound. Had a stereo put in and the service was completely over the top. Daniel and Dave your work in phenomenal and my stereo is so clear and loud. The craftsmanship is over the top. You guys rock...literally.

Onions to the manager of the bar for insisting that the bartenders serve his drunk friends. He needs to be looked at.

Orchids to Gary and crew at Lake Havasu City street maintenance for repairing Jones Drive.

Onions to the white lines in our skies -- chemical trails left by the Beet People who live on the far side of our moon. Allies of the Chinese Commies who landed a probe there. Red Alert!

Orchids to Tile and Carpets Unlimited. They do great work. We are very, very pleased and recommend them.

Onions to the battery place. Asked you to check the last battery I bought from you one year ago, you replied, “warranty expired yesterday, what else you want?” You saved replacing a battery but lost a customer. Congratulations.

Orchids to Fred Grover painting. They just painted the interior of our home. Workers are very good and professional. We recommend them. Joe / Sam

Onions to man openly using inhaler at the restaurant. I know it's for asthma but kids don't. My oldest has watched drug awareness videos at school. She believed it was a crack pipe. I corrected her. Next time go outside or do such in a corner. That way small children can't watch you take a puff.

Orchids to Dr. Prater, Irice, Lisa and all the other staff for being there for me. Always great to have your support at this time.

Onions to the neighbor who takes a shortcut through my backyard with his little dog. I don't mind that you ignore the "No Trespassing" sign, but I do mind you using my property as your pet's bathroom.

Orchids to True Rehab, Missy and her crew, for helping me get through my shoulder surgery. Also to my husband Jerry for all his patience. Dody

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