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A former Lake Havasu City resident is trying to find a lost family heirloom: her great-grandfather’s Bible.

Mariposa Skye lived at 2126 Daytona Avenue for many years, but when her mother died in 2005, she knew it was time to move east. Skye had begun taking care of her father, her 5-year-old son, and her husband who had just had surgery, so she viewed a move to a new home as a welcome opportunity.

The move generally worked out for Skye and her family, but in the confusion of the move, somehow the family misplaced a family heirloom.

The Bible had belonged to Mariposa Skye’s great-grandfather in the 1870s, and it was used by her grandfather when he was a pastor in Ohio.

Although the specific translation of the Bible is unclear, it was definitely an English-American text, she said. The family had it with them when they originally moved to Lake Havasu City from Columbiana, Ohio.

Skye believes it was either sold during a garage sale the family had at their Daytona address, or possibly donated to Mohave Community College.

The missing Bible is approximately 18 inches tall, by Skye’s memory, with either her grandfather’s last name, Mellinger, or great-grandma’s maiden name, Burkholder, on the inside cover.

“I look for something like it on eBay regularly, and I use other internet sites hoping to find it,” Skye said. “I would have begun looking for the family Bible sooner, but I felt it was not right until after my father passed away to search for it.”

If you have any information about the missing bible, contact the Today’s News-Herald at 928- 453-4237 ext. 233.


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