Honorable mention: Thunderbolt teacher fired for online profiles:

 Thunderbolt Middle School teacher Samantha Peer caught national headlines when her adult entertainment account on OnlyFans was discovered by school officials.

Update: Former Thunderbolt Middle School teacher Samantha Peer, who resigned from her position after Lake Havasu Unified School District officials became aware of her Only Fans account, released a video statement Friday afternoon.

In the video, Peer says she resigned after being placed on paid administrative leave and probation due to her online activity. Peer said after news stories were published on Thursday evening, she started getting unwanted attention from the public. She also said her gym membership was canceled because of the public response.

Peer also says in the video that she started relying on additional income from OnlyFans because of low teacher salaries at Lake Havasu City schools.

"It got to a point where our family was not able to survive on our two teachers' income."

Clarification: Former Thunderbolt teacher Samantha Peer said in a video statement posted to social media that she was not fired by Lake Havasu Unified School District but instead resigned “under pressure” after the district placed her on paid administrative leave and probation pending investigation.  The story has been updated.

Two teachers are no longer workingin the Lake Havasu Unified School District after one of them allegedly filmed inappropriate content on school grounds and posted the videos to a social media account where she shares explicit content.

According to a LHUSD human resources report, eighth grade Thunderbolt Middle School science teacher Samantha Peer resigned from the district on Oct. 31 and her husband, fourth grade Nautilus Elementary teacher Dillon Peer, was let go on Nov. 4.

While the district did not provide a reason for the termination, Samantha Peer appears to maintain an explicit online OnlyFans account that also features her husband, Dillon. OnlyFans is a subscription based social media site where users can sell and purchase content including explicit adult content. Peer also allegedly posted the explicit material on other social media sites like Reddit.

It’s not clear how, but students at the middle school were able to find Peer’s account and started circulating images from it amongst themselves.

On Monday, Nov. 7 an email was sent out by Thunderbolt administration alerting parents that students had been sharing explicit material with each other.

“The images depicted did not happen during the school day and the person depicted no longer works for LHUSD,” the email reads.

According to eighth grade parent Alea Bilski, Peer’s explicit account, which uses an alias, was linked to on her non-alias social media pages.

“If it was ‘just’ an Only Fans account I wouldn’t be as upset because then that would 100% be on the kids’ parents, but this was public and an easy Google search to find everything,” Bilski said.

Along with being upset that Peer was allegedly taking photos in her classroom for the explicit account, Bilski says she is also upset with the way Thunderbolt and the school district let parents know about the situation.

Bilski says her daughter came home from school and told her about Peer after hearing about it from staff. Bilski says she posted on Facebook asking if anyone knew about the situation and it was only after her post blew up that the school sent parents the Nov. 7 email.

Andrea Helart, communications and community outreach coordinator for the district, says LHUSD is not able to comment on personnel matters.

The story has caught the attention of television news stations in Phoenix who attempted to speak with Peer but she declined. Today’s News Herald attempted to reach Peer for comment over her Facebook but as of press time she has not responded.


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Joe Joseph

Boy, I'd bet my life that this publicity is really hurting her OF and other accounts!

How many of you critics have been secretly checking out all of her SM's?

Michael Oblast

These are the people we send our kids to school to spend time with? We need to do a better job of vetting our teachers clearly. This is just disgusting.

Noway Jose

What people sometimes fail to understand is there is no privacy when it comes to social media.

Luke Grissom

The only mistake she made here was filming on school property. I get why she did it because I'm sure it helped boost her viewership, but it made it easy for the school to fire her. Beyond that, parents acting like this is any of their business or using this as a way to attack her is disgusting. Why don't you vote for a tax increase in order to pay teachers what they deserve? I do hope she sues any faculty or parents who shared her photos. All content on onlyfans is copyrighted by the creator. The only people who can view it are those who subscribe. Anyone who shares it with others has violated that copyright. She definitely needs to sue that gym that banned her because kids were filming her while she worked out. Then press charges on those kids filming her.

Sandra Symaszek

Maybe the school district should sue her for a portion of the profits for using their classroom as the backdrop without permission. No doubt she used the taxpayer’s classroom as a backdrop because she knew it would garner more views. I have no problem with her side hustle but it absolutely crosses the line to use her middle school classroom to carry it out. Make a set at your house to mimic a classroom if that’s what excites your fans…

Angelique Michelle

She also promoted it on facebook where the children follow her. My son saw that video and it was on his desk! Way too adult for him. I am wondering if any of the parents are filing a lawsuit? Her reckless behavior with our childrens innocence should be accounted for and I don't believe she is qualified to teach anymore. Anyone who is interested in a class action contact me at 928-566-2619

Sandra Symaszek

I hope (but seriously doubt) they both washed their hands before touching a single thing in the classroom 🤮

Robin Fussell

What I found in my life is that there's often projection from people who come up with oddly specific concerns.

So this has to make me question your sanitary habits after a time with your husband. 🤢 I hope your children make their own lunches for school

Sandra Symaszek

Haha. Touché. But I really don’t think it’s oddly specific. I’m sure many parents whose children sit in those desks and use the materials in her classroom where she made these videos are wondering the same thing. And these are not her children. This should not have been done in the classroom.

Aaron Kingdom

What kind of child grooming projecting piece of trash are you ?

Luke Grissom

Those desks being disgusting has nothing to do with their sexual exploits. The kids themselves bringing in tons of germs make those desks far more disgusting than that teacher ever could.

Dennis Hammond

This is utterly absurd. It sounds as though she did all she could to prevent the kids from finding and accessing the site.

It's not her fault that kids sought out her site and certainly not her fault that other staff members were sharing the info with school kids. Isn't sharing pornography with kids a felony?!?!?

She needs to find a good lawyer and go after the school, school board, the parents and coworkers that shared and disseminated the content.

What she did was personal and, presumably consensual, between adults.

She had the content behind a paywall that is also age restricted. She did all she needed to do. A good lawyer should be able to get her PAID!

Frank Garcia

Wrong wrong and wrong. I find it rediculous on what happen to this couple. They did all to cover theme selfs but thier secret life to make moneyshould not matter to anyone and should be used against them and claim a danger to children especially when they are good at thier jobs and make extra money. Thier life's have changed due to a child going on toboggan and exposing the innocent couple. Many teachers and nurses since these jobs don't cut it. Shame on the parents and faculty that just ruined a family's life due to outside income. I feel so bad for these teachers

Angelique Michelle

that "outside income" was done on school grounds!

Ace Cha

When teacher's AREN'T paid enough. I guess it's either "sorry kids, we gotta work extra hard to support the family, so y'all on your own, or not have enough to support the family, but have time for them." Blaming the teachers when y'all should be blaming the system for not paying teachers better. Ps: if this happens to be the case. We'd lose more good teachers and the crappy ones would be the ones teaching, then parents would be wondering why their kids didn't learn much. Pps: it's the parent's job to teach their kids to not show that stuff around like it's some prized trophy.

Robin Fussell

It's pretty weird that so many people are so concerned about this and judgy. Myself I work in EMS I worked on ambulances and six different states and three different countries. One thing about the states is that the pay for us is also pretty bad. It seems a lot of the public services, are well underpaid, especially the most important ones. Ems, teachers, we are some of the least paid yet foundational requirements. Not too long ago and EMT and another city someone found her only fans, and she too lost her job. If you don't want people in critical services such as education and emergency medicine, perhaps people should consider rallying together to increase the pay, rather than judging individuals who make choices that others May disagree with but really should not be judging, because ultimately it's the same people who are judgy, whose fault this is. With voices loud enough to get people fired their voice could be loud enough to get people paid a living wage, instead of judging and googling porn to be "offended" by, and possibly paying through the paywall to "investigate" before shouting for their firing. But too many like these people hypocrites projecting their inadequacies and attacking them instead of the why.

He Reigns

Watching her video it seems she honestly believes we should all completely understand that she had no choice but to produce porn for money, for the public to view. As if no other options existed. She ends it making clear we should all feel sorry for her. So glad she and her husband are no longer employees of the LHUSD.

Frank Garcia

It was wrong. Thier after school personal not personal content should not be ridiculed and masse judge on how they are in thier 8 to 3ish job. Thier are so many people who want to see it wrong in today's society. Thier are thousands of teachers and nurses that are on only fans thier sexual preference should not be shamed on thier full time job. I feel sorry got those teacher and pathethic on faculty and parents behavior

Dennis Hammond

It's not her concern or problem whether or not anyone else "understands" her situation. It's her private life, between consenting adults, and it's no one else's business. She has a civil case and the state has a good case against any of the adults that shared the content with students. Her "choice" to make videos on OF doesn't need the community's understanding or permission and she doesn't owe anyone an explanation or apology.

She will get a decent lawyer and hit that lawsuit lottery!

What a ridiculous story that makes that entire community look absurd.

Robin Fussell

Nothing this teacher produced was for the public to view. It was for her paid subscribers. Anybody who viewed it in public was in violation of copyright law. Distribution of images as well are a violation of copyright law. If anybody was trading the photos around and showing some of each other perhaps you should sue them for distribution of copyrighted material. That would serve them right, and maybe make up for what wages she's losing because of people like you who don't seem to understand that education is more important than saving a little money for the state. But of course I can tell by your name and attitude that education isn't a priority for you.

And yes she could have made a lot of other choices to make money on the side. She could have driven for Uber or delivered food. But she chose something that worked for her and it's none of your business, we use what we have and it worked for her. Someone with the name like you chose here, it's interesting that you feel that you have any right to pass judgment, as you are. Perhaps you should reread a certain book a few times, maybe ask a teacher to help you understand it better.

Aaron Kingdom

What kind of moron doesn't know you can easily find only fans leaks of every kind with a quick google search ? How did all the kids get it you idiot ? Did they pay for a subscription ? You're the type that defends woman beaters and rapists and blame the victim. Do all of us who can actually think a favor and stfu

Yankee Doodle

Wasn’t cameras in classrooms a campaign issue?

If there were cameras in the classroom this probably wouldn’t be a topic today…

NotaTourist Ilivehere

Only if the cameras recorded 24/7, even when school was not in session, and only if the district paid someone to review all of the footage.

Joe Joseph

Unless it's a hidden cam, it'd be easy enough to shoot their PORN around it.

Robin Fussell

Nothing she did was done on school property, at any point. The only thing done on school property was a bunch of creepy staff members and students stalking her anonymous username used on onlyfans and illegally viewing her copyrighted material and sharing it among themselves. How would cameras have stopped this from happening at all? What really needs to be discussed is instead of trying to spend all this money on cameras in the classrooms, how about you spend that money on raising critical systems wages, such as medical and education. If teachers were paid a living wage, you probably wouldn't see this happening. Because that is why this happened, because teachers are grossly underpaid.

Aaron Kingdom

The facts say you're a liar. At least one of the videos was filmed on school property. Try again moron

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