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New signage hangs throughout the English Village this month, as part of an effort to make the popular Lake Havasu City venue more appealing to visitors.

At least two new businesses are expected to open in the popular Lake Havasu City location within the next two months.

“It’s important to make the place more tourist-friendly and more lively,” said Virtual Realty Enterprises Asset Manager Bill Spresser.

Spresser says the English Village will soon be home to a new mac and cheese and Hawaiian hot dog stand, as well as a vintage photography business.

The hot dog stand will be located in the building previously occupied by the Brewed & Blended coffee shop.

St. Louis-based Virtual Realty Enterprises has owned the English Village since 2012, and has taken an active role in development of the property after years of possible neglect by previous owners. Once home to rows of abandoned businesses, the location has seen renewed traffic and growing interest in recent years — and according to Spresser, that growth is continuing.

Most recently, VRE installed a new row of docks adjacent to the London Bridge, known as Stonebridge Pier. Additional businesses are expected to arrive in the area within the next eight weeks, possibly adding to the location’s shopping and tourism appeal.

According to Spresser, efforts are continuing to make the area more attractive for business owners as well as tourists.

“Interest has been growing for some time,” Spresser said. “We want it to be a place where people can eat, shop, relax and enjoy the weather out there.”

But visitors to the area may have noticed new signage at the location, welcoming them – with the exception of one important word.

Welcome to the Village, the sign says. According to Spresser, the “English” part of the village required too much space to put on posted signs – and perhaps the descriptor went without saying.

“We’re not rebranding it,” Spresser said. “It’s still the English Village. I’ve heard people in Havasu refer to it as ‘The Village’, and to me it’s one in the same.”


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If the name has "English" in it I guess that's racist[unsure]


Coming soon: The London Bridge to be renamed: "THE BRIDGE"


The VRE asset manager whose roots are in St. Louis, Miz, has taken the liberty to re-name the "English Village" with the descriptor . . . . . "The Village"! Does the signage around his city's brand say "The St. Louis Arch", "The Gateway Arch" or "The Arch"? I don't think so Mr. Asset Manager, stop the rhetoric and show some respect for this city's history, the "Village", indeed!!!


Nice new sign, the post looks like it could use some work. What's with the pumpkins, bicycle and stuff or do the signs get changed with the season? If there was room to advertise "Stonebridge Pier", the descriptor should be included, i.e., is it the London Bridge or do we call it "The Bridge"?

mr kerry

I am more then happy to see the progress and changes VRE is making at the English Village ie the Village. Wish someone would do the same at the Shops. How about you guys ( VRE ) seeing if there is a way you could become involved there. May be a WIN WIN situation.

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