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Plans for a 3-story, U-Haul self-storage, truck/trailer sharing facility on the northern edge of town will be heard by the Lake Havasu City Planning and Zoning Commission today.

U-Haul has plans for a new store on about 10 acres at the northern-most edge of the Lake Havasu City limits along State Route 95.

The prominent moving and storage rental company is currently requesting a rezone that will allow for a three story self-storage facility along with mini-storage, truck/trailer sharing, covered RV canopies, a delivery and receiving area, a showroom and related retail uses. The requested planned development would also allow a maximum building height of 45 feet, which is a 20-foot increase from its current zoning.

A letter of intent submitted to the city by AMERCO – U-Haul’s parent company – says a location in a high-traffic area is ideal because U-Haul customers typically learn that the store is there by driving by it. The letter of intent also says the U-Haul Store will have 10 to 15 employees – both fulltime and part time.

The Planning and Zoning Commission will hold the first public hearing to discuss the rezone request during its meeting today, starting at 9 a.m. The commission’s recommendation will be sent to the City Council, which will hold another public hearing on Nov. 9 to make a final decision.

The 10-acre lot is a long triangular shaped property on the northwest corner of SR 95 and London Bridge Road, and the proposed development would be the first thing people see when driving into town from the north. The property is currently zoned as a General Commercial/Planned Development and U-Haul is requesting it be rezoned into a new General Commercial/Planned Development.

The original planned development, known as “The Centre”, originally included the entire 10 acres in addition to all the property along the highway stretching south to include what is now Showplace Avenue, The Shops at Lake Havasu, and down to the Home Depot building. That planned development was approved in 1997 and was updated in 2002. It stipulates that a new planned development be submitted for review and approval by the City Council prior to development in any of the predefined commercial areas. All three of the other areas have already gone through the process to update the planned development and businesses have since moved in.

The site plan submitted along with U-Haul’s rezone request shows the main building would have a footprint of 55,306 square feet and would be 45 feet tall. It would include indoor self-storage, a showroom and office, and a delivery and receiving area. The site plan says the building would provide about 143,053 total square feet for storage throughout the three stories. The site plan also includes a total of 92 mini storage units housed in four smaller buildings totaling 9,200 square feet. It lays out another 84 covered RV spaces – split up under four canopies that will cover a total of 46,457 square feet. The plan also includes 13 additional open RV spaces without a canopy.

According to the letter of intent from AMERCO, each U-Haul store has a custom site design to assure the facility compliments the surrounding community.

“Adherence to community objectives is key to ensure each U-Haul store is both a neighborhood asset and an economic success,” the letter of intent says.

The planned development also includes a plan that calls for 75,685 square feet of landscaping to be completed on the lot along both State Route 95, and the property’s frontage along London Bridge Road.

The Planning and Zoning meeting will be held in the council chambers, located inside the police facility at 2360 N. McCulloch Boulevard.


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BigBlob the smart A$$ puke!


yup - One more time, if the little voice in your head "BigBlob" is a "smart A$$ puke" then the actual puke is you.


Nice looking complex and more jobs for our construction workers.


Why 3 stories? Nobody is going to want to drag their things up to the top floor let alone a second floor. Clearly they haven’t taken into account that the majority of residents are over 50! Stop building things that block our video of the lake!


wifey - They use something called an "elevator." Now go look it up - it's an "elevator!" And I suggest if you want to stop people from blocking your "video of the lake(?)" you start buying up all of the property between you and the lake. Easy peasy, right?


Using land in Havasu for storage units does not help the housing shortage. Seems zoning changes should favor multifamily housing development.


47 - What is cheaper to build, a storage facility or housing? There's your answer.


You are correct bobby, but when the land is built out the housing shortage will get worse.

We need more storage like we need 115 degree temps. We end up with cheap storage for California home owners and no room for low income units.




With all this empty desert around us, we have to build it straight up? WTF 🤬


99 - "all this empty desert" is not free, so it makes sense to get the most out out of land you own. That is known as making economic sense.


Oh, just what we need


simple - So good to see that you understand how the market has driven the construction of these facilities.


Little bobby the guy that is being evicted from his rented residence should not be giving advice on anything especially business venturers.......


kaydee - The fact that my neighbor and I were evicted by a new owner who wants only to raise the rent has no bearing on my commenting here, on any subject.


Seems like little Bobby has not done a very good job planning his own life. Yet he wants to give others his 2 cents and advise on how to run there's. Good luck with that. Nobody is listening...


Would you still be 'evicted' if you agree to pay the raise in rent that the new owner of your rented residence seems to believe she can get from somebody else ?

Joe Nobody

Showers and restrooms? I'll get one with electricity to live in and another to store my stuff!

At least until the LHC housing crisis is over...


Will it be climate controlled? Glad it is out of residential areas, and economically utilizing the footprint.


Joe, if it is I will move my pool table, tv and sound system in and have my man cave[beam]


We already have those, check out those man caves ($$$$$) on the island.

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