Big money (copy)

The winning $50,000 ticket for Wednesday’s Powerball drawing was sold at Love’s Travel Stop just north of Lake Havasu City. The winning ticket matched four out of the five numbers, and the Powerball number. This ticket was just one number away from winning the $410 million jackpot. Wednesday’s winning numbers were 1, 20, 22, 60, 66 with Powerball number 3. The jackpot is at an estimated $470 million, the highest since March 2019. A new drawing was scheduled for Saturday night. 

If you have the winning ticket, contact the Arizona Lottery. A claim form and more information can be found at 

— Today’s News-Herald


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We know this isn't HG, aka Shishka. He doesn't gamble. Fifty grand. What would I do if I won. World peace comes to mind but then quickly passes. A trip to the casino would be in order if it wasn't for covid. A new car? Perhaps. Definitely not a Prius or Mini Cooper. I've always dreamed of having a closet full of Pendleton suits. Pinstripe. That does not seem like the wise thing to splurge it on. I think I'd probably donate half to the Republican Party and use the rest for one of them Honda three wheelers. I couldn't afford such years back but with 25K I should be able to get a machine with all the bells & whistles. Is there a Honda shop in this town? Perhaps a trip to Needles would be in order if there's money left. Wagon Wheel Restaurant baby. They have the best roast beef!




Good for you! Laughing at a fool is the best way to shut them up.


Suddenly you are claiming that HG is that weird little voice only you can hear, "Shishka," what's up with that? And we see you're still using the "Wagon Wheel" code for your gummy buying. You do know you can buy them locally now?

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