The SUV became stuck in mud and sand, leaving the 38-year-old stranded.

On Tuesday evening, a man who was reported “missing/overdue” after he failed to show up at a remote worksite location south of Yucca was located north of the Bill Williams River.

The Mohave County Sheriff’s Office received the report of the missing 38-year-old and deployed search and rescue. He was driving in a rented four-wheel-drive Tahoe SUV from one jobsite to a second site about 40 miles southeast, “in a very remote and rugged area of the county,” according to MCSO.

His coworkers checked both worksites and his cell phone went straight to voicemail.

“As the investigation continued, repeated attempts were made to get specific vehicle information from the rental car company to attempt to [activate] a remote satellite-based emergency tracking system in the vehicle,” MCSO said.

The driver was found uninjured and without water after several hours of searching. He was walking along a pipeline road north of the Bill Williams River. According to MCSO, he said he’d been following his GPS system when he became “stranded in about 10 inches of mud and sand approximately seven miles south of his current location, while attempting to cross over into La Paz County.”

He was “grateful to be found and brought back to the Command Post,” MCSO said. The sheriff’s office reminds everyone to be prepared for emergencies and always have extra water, snacks and emergency gear, such as blankets, jackets and flashlights.


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