Lake Havasu High School

Lake Havasu High School Principal Scott Becker (left) points a student in the right direction during the final passing period of the day back in October. That was the first day back on campus for Havasu’s secondary students.

The kids are at it again. Staff across the Lake Havasu Unified School District and the United States are bolting down clocks, soap dispensers and anything else that might find its way into a backpack as students try to get a "devious lick" for the online clout.

Lake Havasu High School principal Scott Becker sent an email on Tuesday morning to families alerting them of a new Tik Tok trend that has spread to the high school.

“The trend is called a devious lick, which is stealing things from school and recording what they have stolen,” Becker wrote in his email. “That trend has now reached our school to where our students are encouraging each other to steal random items. The random things range from soap dispensers, ceiling tiles, clocks to teacher items in classrooms.”

According to Yahoo News the devious lick trend started when Tik Tok user @jugg4elias posted the first video on the social media site on Sept. 1. For those who don’t know, a lick is a slang term for a successful theft according to the Urban Dictionary.

Lake Havasu City Police Department public information officer Sgt. Frank Hayden says that several soap dispensers have been taken from the high school and so far the department has taken one theft report from the high school.

Becker ended his message to parents by encouraging them to be aware of what their child is posting on social media and to speak to their child about the consequences of scoring devious licks.


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only in havasu

Tic Tok concerns at LH High School?!?How about parents start doing their job as parents and stop allowing their children to run the household! Article should read: ‘’Local students fear being taken to the woodshed, vow to treat the property of others with upmost respect!’’

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