A man arrested on charges of child molestation allegedly attempted escape from Mohave County Jail last month, prior to his arraignment. He is now scheduled to appear in court Dec. 23 to answer to multiple felony accusations.

Lake Havasu City Police officers were called to a McCulloch Boulevard apartment complex Sept. 3 after receiving reports of a disorderly conduct in progress. When police arrived at the scene, they found Koda R. Rodriguez, 33, being forced from one of the residences. According to the report, Rodriguez’ face appeared to be bleeding, and he seemed to be disoriented when officers attempted to speak to him.

Rodriguez allegedly told officers that the nearby residence was occupied by friends and family — a man and woman, and two children. He was staying with them, he allegedly told officers, but they prevented him from leaving that night. According to the report, witnesses in the residence elaborated as to why.

Rodriguez had been the family’s house guest for about six weeks. They went to dinner that evening, the female tenant told police, and Rodriguez became intoxicated. After returning home, the woman and her husband went to bed. When she later emerged to use their bathroom, she allegedly saw her children’s bedroom door was open, with Rodriguez standing at the foot of her daughter’s bed.

When asked, the woman’s daughter allegedly said Rodriguez had inappropriately touched her before her mother confronted him.

The woman, who has not been identified, allegedly told officers she left the room at that point and “punched Koda in the face more than a couple times.”

Rodriguez allegedly attempted to leave the residence, but the victim’s mother allegedly continued to strike him, and prevented him from reaching the door. The victim’s mother called for the child’s father to come from their bedroom and help her. She also contacted a friend to come to her residence and help keep Rodriguez from leaving as well, the report said.

Officers released Rodriguez at that time, the report said, and began their investigation into the alleged molestation incident. On Oct. 17, officers located Rodriguez after receiving reports of disorderly conduct at a South Palo Verde residence. Rodriguez was allegedly found consuming alcohol in the parking lot of the location, and appeared to have been extremely intoxicated. Due to his level of impairment, Rodriguez was not questioned by officers at the time of his arrest, the report said.

Rodriguez was transported to Mohave County Jail after an initial court appearance, and held on $50,000 bond. According to the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office, Rodriguez attempted to escape the facility on Oct. 19.

Mohave County Sheriff’s deputies were called to the jail facility after receiving reports of an assault. While in custody, a corrections worker allegedly attempted to open his cell door. When she did, the sheriff’s office says Rodriguez pushed past the corrections officer and ran out into the jail’s booking floor. He attempted to open several doors, and pressed several call buttons in an attempt to unlock the facility’s doors, according to the responding deputy’s report of the incident. Backup officers arrived at the facility and were successful in returning Rodriguez to custody shortly after, the report said.

“At no time was Rodriguez ever close to exiting the facility and he was not able to open any of the secured doors to the booking area,” said Mohave County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Specialist Anita Mortensen on Tuesday.

Rodriguez was arraigned Oct. 31 on charges of molestation of a child, aggravated assault against a minor, aggravated assault against a corrections officer and first-degree escape from custody.

He appeared Monday in Mohave Superior Court for a pre-trial conference, and is next scheduled to appear in court on Dec. 23 for a status conference in his case.


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