Keri L. Malkiewicz

The Lake Havasu City Police Department has released additional details in the shooting deaths of two Lake Havasu City residents.

According to police, 42-year-old Keri L. Malkiewicz was undergoing a separation from her husband, 53-year-old Daniel J. Malkiewicz. Authorities said Keri traveled to her husband’s residence last Thursday to collect property from the residence. When she did not return home, officers were called to Daniel’s residence to investigate.

Keri and Daniel were found at the scene, both deceased from apparent gunshot wounds, authorities say. Lake Havasu City Police detectives began their investigation of the incident last week, and determined that Daniel Malkiewicz shot his wife while she was at the residence and then killed himself with the same weapon.

Kevin Weber, a neighbor of Daniel Malkiewicz, has known the couple for about six years.

“One of the dogs woke me up about 11-ish,” Weber said. “I knew something was going on … the whole street was lit up and full of cop cars. We’ve had issues in this neighborhood before, and I asked the police if it was safe here in the neighborhood. They said it was safe. But we stayed up all night after that. It’s haunting … I’m not sure why (Keri) was there. It’s just really haunting.”

Keri Malkiewicz was a director at Havasu Regional Medical Center. An associate of hers agreed to speak to Today’s News-Herald reporters on condition of anonymity.

“We work together, and we saw each other at meetings every morning,” she said. “We’re beyond stunned that something like this could even happen in this town. It’s still not over … when something like this happens, it affects everyone. It opens up our eyes to life, and how short it is.”

Detectives found blood at the end of Daniel Malkiewicz’s driveway, but according to police, the blood came from neither the victim nor the suspect. The blood was identified as that of a dog at the scene, who had suffered a minor injury while being taken into custody by a Lake Havasu City Animal Control officer. The dog has since been surrendered to a family member of the victims.


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Can Of Corn

This would be the second victim from HRMC in the last 10 years to be murdered in a domestic situation. Deborah Langstaff was killed along with 4 others at a birthday party in 2010. There have been several other murder suicides in Havasu in the last 2 decades that received minimal coverage. Point is, Havasu is not a utopia fantasy playground for unstable people to come live out their fantasy lives - and then discard their loved ones like trash. People flip their lids, that's life. It happens everyday - Hence, cherish your family; loved ones and friends. Be careful who you associate with - There are some screwed up people in this town. I mean real loons, just look to Hwyrovers comments.


Tragic situation.

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