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An international rental service is letting Lake Havasu City boat and watercraft owners make some side money and rent out their vehicles to anyone looking to hit the lake for the day.

Getmyboat is best described as the “Airbnb of boats” says marketing manager Val Streif.

“We are a rental marketplace with a mobile app that allows individual boaters to run their own business,” Streif said. “But we don’t work with just individuals we also work with charter captains and businesses like marinas”

Boat owners have complete control of pricing and availability of their boats when creating an account and listing on the service. Boat owners can also decide if they want to captain the craft themselves when renting it out or give the renter the option of piloting the boat themselves.

There are no membership dues or fees for listing your watercraft on getmyboat’s website. The company only takes an eight percent service fee from both the renter and the owner when a confirmed booking has been made.

Currently in Lake Havasu there are 14 listings on the getmyboat website with options for vehicles that range from powerboats and barges to jet skis.

Prices go anywhere from $300 a day for a powerboat that can sit seven to $1200 a day for a 2020 powerboat that can sit 12. Owners can also chose to charge by the hour for their rentals.

“A potential renter would find a listing and then reach out to the owner to make a booking inquiry,” Streif explained. “The owner would then come back with an offer that the renter can chose to accept or decline.”

Streif says that renting, particularly in Lake Havasu, has been a lucrative venture for some individuals with one owner making nearly six figures through rentals. It’s not just about the money, however, for some of the owners on the site.

“The income has been great but I’m really doing it more for the fun,” Michael Buxton said. “I love the water and I love showing people from out of town the lake.”

In his two years advertising on the site, Buxton has charted families, travel nurses and doctors from California.

To view listings or to create an account go online to


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Great, as if the lake is not dangerous enough, and full of boaters that don't have a clue. How do you insure yourself to cover some fool renting your boat???


It has to be with an LLC with great insurance, right? Most boat owners with nice boats don't even want family and friends tearing it up. They certainly wouldn't pass it off to strangers. This is the floating version of the "short-term" rental properties.

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